Apple set to create up to 350 jobs in Cork, Ireland

“Computer giant Apple is to provide up to 350 jobs in Cork after signing a property deal to establish an office in the city centre,” Tommy Barker reports for The Irish Examiner.

“The company, which already employs more than 3,000 people in Ireland, has signed a deal to lease offices in Cork’s Half Moon Street, a move that reverses recent trends of companies moving out of the city to cheaper suburban parks,” Barker reports. “Apple has had a major presence in Cork, since 1981, at Hollyhill, on the city’s northside.”

Barker reports, “It is to lease the top two floors of a €75 million building in a mixed-use development by Owen O’Callaghan, completed in 2009… Apple is committing to 25,000sq ft (about 2,300sq m), which could accommodate up to 350 employees, and the building which opens onto Lavitts Quay has further vacant space on lower floors if required. Fitting out is expected to be completed by the end of the year.”

“Apple’s support services in Cork serve its markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and it has been consistently adding staff and contract employees in recent years, currently advertising for 30 people,” Barker reports. “Apple, which manufactures computers, phones, the iPad and a fast-evolving range of consumer items as well as the recently launched online storage facility iCloud, has about 45,000 employees worldwide and annual sales of over $60 billion (€41.5bn).”

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  1. Good for you, Ireland! Ireland has been attracting more and more business since it lowered it’s corporate income tax rate to 12.5% in 2003. That compares to 37-39% here in the US.

    1. Ireland is basket case economically. However, it’s a good place to live and has a ready market of highly qualified applicants due to it’s bad economy.
      I’m all for Apple employing people where it does business and Ireland is a good choice.

    2. That’s nonsense Mikey. The Irish economy was devastated by the negligent policies of a right wing party that allowed brokers and bankers to speculate and hoodwink consumers until the whole thing eventually collapsed upon itself. Just like what happened in the US. That said it’s good to see apple invest some money somewhere other than China.

    1. No- low taxes create deficits. For example, if the Bush 2 tax cuts were repealed and rates returned to those of the Clinton era our deficit would largely be closed.
      When Clinton left office we were paying down the accumulated national debt and running a $500 Billion surplus. Had we stayed on that path we would have no national debt today.
      Bush pushed through his tax cuts, started 2 Wars and an unfunded Medicare Perscription Plan that took care of all that. His policies also resulted in the loss of 1/6th of all the manufacturing jobs in the US, no net (constant $) increase in average income and the largest accumulation of consumer & public debt in history.
      That is not an accusation- it is the quantified truth.

      1. No – deficits (of any kind) have one cause. Spending more money than one makes.

        That $500 billion surplus so many economic illiterates are fond of trotting out to defend Clinton’s economic policies was due primarily to the unforeseen and unprecedented (and pretty much unregulated) growth the tech sector brought to the economy.

        Excessive taxes were also another contributor.

        In fact, when a government has a money surplus, it means the citizens have been taxed too much. Governments should never, ever have a surplus. They aren’t businesses… their purpose isn’t to make a profit.

        1. As I remember, the economy was booming, more people were moving from working to middle class and from middle class to wealthy. People were coming off welfare rolls and into the working economy.
          Balanced budgets, paying down debt & the largest job creation the US had seen since WWII.
          All gone because of greed and the disciples of Ayn Rand who died drawing Social Security and Medicare A&B benefits. Ms Free Market & anti- government was living on the taxpayer dime in her last years. Funny how Faux & CNBC never tell you that.

          1. As I recall, general news reports (and Faux & CNBC didn’t exist then) at the time of her death indicated Rand had been living at the same address since the early 1950s and left an estate of several hundred thousand dollars… so she wasn’t living on the public dime.

            In case you’re not aware of it, SS and Medicare benefits are available for any American citizen who qualifies. Everybody is forced to pay into them, so why shouldn’t they collect? Whether or not Rand was utilizing those benefits, I do not know nor care. It is irrelevant.

            I do know that a lot of FUD and utter BS is spewed about Rand these days. Typically by people who (by their remarks) have clearly read little (if anything) that she wrote and have little (if any) understanding of it, yet still feel qualified offer up knee-jerk, reactionary comments about her.

            But that’s not much different than what was going on when she was alive.

            1. Hey I read Any Rand when I was a teenager. It was good stuff to start out for someone trying to make sense of the world. BUt I’m 45 now and I moved on Ayn Rand is juvenile and simplistic. Time for you to move on as well.

            2. Please expand, Jim, on what you mean by “juvenile and simplistic”. I’m 46 and it’s not obvious to me. Is it juvenile to think that we each ought to be independent and think for ourselves? Is it simplistic to think that we have individual rights? Should I “move on” from the idea that reality exists?

          2. Was that economic boom before or after the Republicans were elected in control of Congress and got spending under control and FORCED Clinton to sign the welfare reform act into law… that is, when he wasn’t busy getting blow jobs from a young intern in the Oral Office?!… That is not an accusation – it is the quantified truth.

      2. Over spending causes deficits, not lowered taxes. Your own examples of Bush’s spending should be convincing enough.

        As far a job losses, I’d blame Clinton for signing NAFTA and giving China Most Favored Trading status for his friends at Little Rock based WalMart, where his wife Hillary used to sit on the Board. Hmmm?

    1. Nothing is going to happen in the U.S.A. until The Mistake of ’08 is rectified.

      The message shall be delivered on November 6, 2012 and process of recovering from The Obama Failure begins on January 20, 2013.

          1. Quit your childish squabbling and prepare for the unilateral seizure/coup of the United States of America by the 0bamamaniacs – on or before November 6

  2. Actually, I think Apple is up over 65,000 employees now, adding over 35,000 in the last 5 years, mostly in the US. As you can imagine they’ve been hiring lots of retail staff as well as engineers.

  3. Theres no strong evidence that low taxes ‘create’ jobs. Simple fact. But it’s really great to see a fantastic company like Apple re-invest in Ireland. Apple has been a friend to Cork and continues to be a stellar employer. Great town, great company – Where can I sign up?

  4. The clinton so called boom was nothing more then massive 401k money hitting the market and everyone I knew was day trading and spending their profits. I made $20,000 trading and bought a new truck from that day trading. Guess who won….. Ford employees, me and the the government tax rolls.

    I got taxed on pulling out the money that I made in the market, and taxed again on buying the truck.

    It was that simple, a bubble and a never again in my life time easy way to make $20,000 in 4 months by just an average guy in the stock market.

    The ONLY thing Clinton did is look the other way when they knew it was a stock market bubble that was going to burst.

  5. I was just traveling through Cork last week, wifi everywhere, upbeat city, everyone seemed happy. The real estate Apple has is right next to the river, grat area. No signs of a bad economy externally. Shops are open, lots of people working…

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