Apple App Store hits 100,000 iPad-specific apps milestone

“The numbers do not lie: 453 days after the iPad debuted on April 3, 2010, there are now over 100,000 apps available for it for download,” Bryan M. Wolfe reports for AppAdvice.

“As of today, Apple has approved 101,161 apps specifically geared for the iPad or those upgraded to become universal,” Wolfe reports. “This means that on average, 220 new iPad apps are approved for sale each day.”

Wolfe reports, “Consider how this number relates to the competition, namely to Google’s Android Marketplace. According to a GottaBeMobile report released in May, there are only 100 Android 3.0 Honeycomb apps available for tablets. That’s right: 100,000 versus 100.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dow C.” for the heads up.]


    1. The iPad has 1,000 times more tablet apps than Android does. 1,000. That’s insane.

      There’s no way all 100 of Android’s tablet apps are of high quality. And there’s certainly no way all of the iPad’s extra 99,900 tablet apps are crap!

      I appreciate the balance you’re trying to bring to the conversation, but there’s really no way to spin this as anything but a major plus for Apple, and a huge embarrassment for Google.

    2. It’s interesting… your comment has more to do with the android platform, where most of the apps (majority) are really crap, than it does with iOS where sure they are some craplets but the vast majority of applications are well designed and extremely well built.

      I truly think that if you removed the real junk from both marketplaces iOS would loose perhaps 20% however the android market would loose better than half (no I am not exaggerating if you actually look at the android market, other than the ports from iOS developers it is literally 75% crap)

      So when you actually take a close look the disparity between the number of apps is actually even larger than it first appears.

  1. Good apps, bad apps, that’s irrelevant.

    Google app store 2010 revenue: $103 million (less than RIM or Nokia)

    Apple app store 2010 revenue: $1.7 BILLION

    That’s what’s relevant.

    1. i wouldn’t say that.
      Sure there are crap apps… But i wouldn’t say that many.
      and what you may hate, I may like.

      also, there may be a $10 app that you think is the best out there. and I see 2 Apps that do everything the $10 one does. 1 is free, the other $1. you may say they are both crap… I say they are better. granted if they were combined they would be even better.

      But thats just my opinion.
      thats why there are choices.

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