RUMOR: Apple greatly reduces orders for iPhone 4 camera flash

“Apple’s next-generation iPhone could feature a new LED camera flash module from a different manufacturer,” AppleInsider reports, citing “a person familiar with the company’s supply chain.”

“Apple is said to have ‘greatly reduced’ orders of Philips LED flash components in the last one to two months,” AppleInsider reports. “This person, who has provided accurate information on Apple’s iPhone in the past, said the change ‘may’ be a sign that Philips LED flash will not be used in the upcoming fifth-generation iPhone.”

AppleInsider reports, “Rumors among Apple suppliers have led to claims that the new supplier of LED flash for the so-called ‘iPhone 5’ will be a firm based in Taiwan. However, that bit of information was characterized as ‘highly unconfirmed.'”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. I hope it works better. For some reason the flash pictures dont turn out good at all on my phone. If there was only a flash that replicates the sun. iPhone takes great pictures outside.

      1. That’s why I’ve been saying, screw the rumoured jump from 5 to 8 megapixels, if there’s a newer sensor at 5 MP that takes better low-light pics, go with that instead of having higher MP for comparing specs. High MP on a pinpoint camera phone with no zoom and no optical image stabilization is useless, produces grainy low-light pics, and wastes storage space needlessly (grainy = colour dithering = even more wasted space).

        Apple supposedly doesn’t care about raw specs, but quality/experience, right?

    1. The flash on most cameras only illuminates things for 5 to 7 feet. If you take a picture of something farther away, then it will be extra dark because the camera assumes that it will be illuminated by the flash. That is why I laugh when I see all of the flashes going off in the stands during football games.

      Under those circumstances, your best bet is to inhibit the flash so that the camera will attempt to adapt to the low ambient lighting. The extra gain will tend to create a lot of noise, particularly for typical point-and-shoot cameras with small sensors, but that is better than a near-black image.

  2. “Highly unconfirmed”?

    Could this mean it’s ill-based purely contrived bullshit, but we decided to print it anyway because we’re desperate?

    That also would be “highly unconfirmed”.

  3. What other product would have articles written about the specific LED flash component being used? It could be the exact same component (by specification), just made by a different manufacturer who agreed to a lower per unit price. I’ll bet more than one manufacturer supplies the iPhone 4 battery.

    1. Where I’m at I see more and more iPhones every day. It’s becoming a standard. A recession is the time when you need to get the very best value for your money and not waste it on crap.

        1. I don’t have one because I’m on T-Mobile. There are millions of us T-Mob types salivating for the iPhone. Hopefully the iPhone 5 is a one size fits all phone so I can get one-finallly.

  4. I thought there was a rumor that there was an infra red camera coming. Maybe no longer a need for a flash? The HDR setting works incredibly well. Apple will again surprise us with something new in the iPhone 5.

  5. If you lot had been paying attention you would have seen the rumours that the next iPhone will have a different flash LED mounted on the other side of the phone from the camera, to reduce issues of light bleeding into the image. If so, it’s entirely likely the LED will be a different structure and mounting and a different manufacturer would be highly likely. An SSC or Cree unit could be possible; we’ll find out for sure in three months time.

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