Dolby sues Research In Motion over audio patents

“Dolby Laboratories has filed a lawsuit against Research In Motion, alleging the BlackBerry maker used Dolby’s audio compression technologies in its smartphones and PlayBook tablets without proper licenses,” Alastair Sharp and Bhaswati Mukhopadhyay report for Reuters.

“The lawsuits, filed in the United States and Germany, seek financial damages for past use and injunctions to halt sales of unlicensed BlackBerry phones and PlayBook tablets,” Sharp and Mukhopadhyay report. “‘Litigation was regrettably our last resort after RIM declined to pay for the use of Dolby’s technology,’ San Francisco-based Dolby’s general counsel, Andy Sherman, said in a statement on Wednesday.”

Sharp and Mukhopadhyay report, “Dolby said its patented technologies provide the core of an audio compression standard widely used in smartphones, portable music players and tablet computers, allowing them to offer high-quality audio using limited transmission and storage space. It said all other major smartphone makers have licensed the technology from Dolby.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The good news just keeps on comin’ for RIM.


  1. Once again, we are reminded that California leads the world in innovation. Dolby was WAY out in front of everyone, and if I remember correctly, provided the algorithms for Real Audio. At the time they just didn’t want their name publicly associated with funky audio.

    1. Although it should be pointed out that Dolby Labs spent its first 11 years in the UK: I seem to recall someone telling me that they were incorporated from a makeshift workshop under a railway arch in Camden, North London after Ray Dolby returned from his work in India for the UN.

      It was only after Dolby B really took the market by storm and the development of the Dolby Sound System that the company moved back to the US.

  2. Does anyone still hear the word ‘Crackberry’?

    Back in the day (lord I apologize for using that phrase) Everywhere I turned I heard people talking about their ‘CrackBerry’ and saw the same people proudly flashing their C’Berry.

    When I purchased my 1st gen iPhone I had many C’Berry users dismiss it with disdain as a toy. I wonder if they still feel the same way?

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not bashing the RIM of yesteryear. I am however bashing the RIM of today for being LDB (Little D’ck Btches)

    1. Yes, mainly in southeast asia. Wives love and are proud of the BBM to catch up gossips and all that. Husbands love it because it makes the wives shut up and let them alone.

  3. Here, its mostly teenage girls on buses texting their boyfriends or texting their girlfriends about their boyfriends while squinting at their tiny screens and tapping their physical buttons with their inch long false nails, very classy. Otherwise its that ever decreasing wanabe men who think it makes them look like a banker… cockney rhyming slang intended.

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