Top 50 Apple iPad rollouts in enterprise and education

“Enterprises and schools are only deploying iPads [vs. other tablets modeled on iPad] widely today,” Eric Lai writes for Sybase. “Why is this important? Enterprises plan their budgets and upgrade cycles years in advance (with hardware, that is typically 3-5 years).”

“None of the large organizations that are deploying iPads today are making that decision capriciously,” Lai writes. “Anyone who has deployed iPads to hundreds or thousands of employees and has started to use real enterprise apps is basically committed to expanding that usage for the medium term, and very likely the long-term.”

Lai writes, “Which brings me to the iPad deployment list that I co-maintain with Jim Siegl. The list just won’t stop growing. There are now 458 organizations deploying nearly 122,000 iPads (and as I’ve repeatedly noted, this is only a list of public deployments, meaning it is a HU-UGE undercount). That is 25% growth in the number of organizations in just three months.”

The Top 5 of the Top 50:
1. Korea Telecom, 30,000 iPads
2. Long Island University, 6,000 iPads
3. KLA-Tencor, 5,400 iPads
4. Medtronic, 5,000 iPads
5. SAP AG, 5,000 iPads

Full list here.


    1. It may be because KT, the #2 carrier in Korea, is allied with Apple, as it launched the iPhone in Korea, while SK Telecom, the #1 carrier in Korea, is allied with Samsung.

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