‘Steve Jobs: The Co-Founder of Apple’ comic book biography to hit stores in August

Steve Jobs is nearly as iconic as his company logo. He’s been called an innovator, risk-taker, a visionary and a genius. He’s also been called many other things. Both sides of this complex personality are examined in an upcoming Bluewater Productions biography comic book tracing Jobs’ life and career.

Scheduled for an August 2011 release, “Steve Jobs: Co-Founder of Apple” offers readers a unique insight into the Apple CEOs legendary drive to the top and his continuing fight to stay there.

“Admire him or hate him, Jobs’ vision and business acumen revolutionized the world,” said writer CW Cooke, in the press release. “Between [Jobs] and Microsoft founder Bill Gates, you would be hard pressed to find someone with greater influence over how we communicate, interact and do business over the last 30 years.”

The 32-page issue, penciled by Chris Schmidt (with cover art supplied by DC artist Joe Phillips), will be available in comic shops, bookstores and various online venues including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Borders, for the cover price of US$3.99. Pre-order it on Amazon click here.

“His innovations command front page news, speculation of his health affects the stock market. Not bad for a college dropout,” said Bluewater president Darren Davis, in the press release. “His story, and that of Apple, is epic. I’m surprised it took us this long to publish a proper, balanced biography of him.”

Such mainstream media outlets as The Washington Post, The Today Show, Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Forbes Magazine have covered Bluewater’s biography comics. By covering such celebrities and political leaders as Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie, Sarah Palin and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Bluewater is bringing new readers to the comic’s world.

For more information about Bluewater, visit the company’s Web site at www.bluewaterprod.com..

Source: Bluewater Productions Inc.


  1. Well, Bill Gates wouldn’t have known how to get such recognition if it weren’t for Steve Jobs showing him the way and Bill’s copying/stealing of any success he ever had.

      1. Maybe he can … should he wish to give it a go, given that Bluewater are based in Vancouver, Washington and that Washington is one of the United States states that recognises “rights of publicity”

        The Right of Publicity can be defined simply as the right of an individual to control the commercial use of his or her name, image, likeness or other unequivocal aspects of one’s identity. It is generally considered a property right as opposed to a personal right, and as such, the validity of the Right of Publicity can survive the death of the individual (to varying degrees depending on the jurisdiction). In the United States, the Right of Publicity is a state law-based right, as opposed to Federal, and recognition of the right can vary from state to state.

        See – http://rightofpublicity.com/statutes/washington

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