Apple’s iCloud has app developers lining up

“As he has for each of the past 14 years, Andrew Stone woke at 3:45 on the morning of Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference on June 6 in San Francisco, grabbed his yoga mat, and joined the queue of techies waiting to be let in for Steve Jobs’s 10 a.m. presentation,” Peter Burrows reports for Businessweek. “The gangly Stone, a former architect who has written software for Jobs’s machines since the 1980s, revels in talking tech with fellow Apple geeks, particularly the Europeans and Asians who often save a night’s hotel fare by spending the night in line.”

“This year, more than ever, the good mood was powered by something other than camaraderie: Developers are making money, getting lots of contract work,” Burrows reports. “‘You have no idea how many people around here are overjoyed,’ says Stone, 55, who flew up from his home in Albuquerque the day before. He recalls far leaner years, when many struggled to come up with the $3,000 or so for the conference fee and travel. ‘Now, good developers can make almost as much money as they want.'”

Burrows reports, “The scene outside the conference hall is a snapshot of the war Apple is waging for the hearts and minds of developers. The scale and diversity of Apple’s app universe—425,000, roughly twice as many as Android’s—is a big reason consumers have purchased more than 200 million iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches. In his WWDC talk, Jobs laid out a post-PC vision of online services that will open up vast opportunities for programmers to come up with new kinds of software. “We’re going to demote the PC and the Mac to be just another device,” Jobs told the crowd. “We’re going to move the hub of your digital life to the cloud.” He announced a new service, iCloud, that will ensure any photo, music, or other file that is downloaded or changed on your iPhone is automatically, wirelessly synched to any of your other Apple devices and vice versa.”

Much more in the full article here.

[Attribution: The San Francisco Chronicle]


  1. from the article
    “Eddie Marks and his college roommate haven’t even bothered to count up the winnings from the ads that appear on their free app, which lets iPhone users simulate the sound of cocking and firing a shotgun. “We’ve made more than $1 million,” says Marks, whose initial goal was simply to raise rent and beer money until he could find a job after graduation in 2008. “It could be $2 million, but I doubt it.”

    Count my niece and mother as two people that feed this guy money from the ads.
    they both have the shotgun app (maybe not his.. but one of them)
    that and the Lightsaber app (which i DO have..) just draw people in to play with them.
    My niece actually broke my old case for my iPhone 4 during Christmas. Phone Lightsaber duels between my two nieces, phones hit and a tiny chunk of my case broke off by the volume buttons.

    the simple pleasures that make others money. i REALLY need to find that one app that can make me millions 🙂

    I have joked years ago about the number of Fart and Flash Light (just the front screen lights up) apps on the App store, so i figured i’d make a Farting Flashlight app… Use the gyroscope to make the iPhone fart when you moved it to light up some area. Figured it would be something that every 8 year old would want 😉
    then apple cracked down on Fart apps… now i’m back to square one.

  2. This bit from the article perplexes me:

    According to a survey by market research firm Evans Data, the percentage of developers writing apps for Android (43.5 percent) just passed the share working in iOS (39.7 percent).

    How is that possible, given that it’s common knowledge that it’s much harder to make money off Android apps than on iOS apps?


    1. Big difference between writing an app and making money with one. Perhaps some of the apps are not that great and would not pass muster for the App Store anyway.

    2. There’s no distinction in the word ‘developers’ which covers the ground from one off chancers, through cynical ad-exploiters, malware vendors, and copycats, all the way up to pro houses doing serious and innovative work. I think we all know where the balance of Android ‘developers’ lies. Mere numbers tell us little.

    1. hey bonewad, pay attention!
      5 G’s doesn’t count against music, photo stream, and backups

      So what kind of useless windows crap do you need 25 G’s for?
      Its time to get a mac and be happy
      Or keep the windblows and stay bitter, either way just stay away from here
      you douche

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