Macs are Apple of their eye; wealthy Massachusetts towns dump Windows PCs

“The privileged populace of Wellesley tops the list of towns with the highest level of Mac-aholics in the state, according to a study by a local advertising firm,” Jessica Van Sack reports for The Boston Herald. “Westboro-based Chitika Insights studied traffic from Mac, PC and Linux-based computers statewide and found that almost 36 percent of computers in the affluent town were made by Apple, nearly five times the company’s U.S. market share average of about 7.2 percent.”

“The most Apple-heavy towns have little in common except that they tend to be wealthy and/or have a high student population. Wellesley is among the wealthiest towns in the state, with an average household income of $209,694, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey,” Van Sack reports. “The top of the Mac list also features Vineyard Haven, just slightly behind by several tenths of a percent at 35 percent Apple users; Needham at 32 percent; and Allston and Brighton at 32 and 31 percent, respectively.”

Advertisement: Education pricing. Students and faculty save up to $200 on a new Mac. Only at the Apple Online Store.

Van Sack reports, “Chitika researcher Daniel J. Ruby conducted the study, which analyzed millions of Web site impressions flowing through its vast online advertising network from May 22 to 29.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Why settle for inferior, frustration-provoking, insecure Windows PCs? And you don;t have to be “rich” to get a Mac, either. You can save on Apple certified Macs, which are as good as new and an excellent way to buy Apple products.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. The student population’s adoption of Macs should be VERY SCARY for Microsoft. I graduated college in 2008 and even three years ago I was in classes where almost 80% of students had Macbooks. And the students of today are the business and household purchasers of tomorrow.

  2. It’s more education level than income that makes up the Mac / PC divide. The money is a symptom- not the cause.
    You can buy a Mac mini for $600 brand new and hook it to an HDTV, which kicks the shit out of what the same money buys in the Windoze market. The cost bit is so out of date as to be a joke.

  3. Yeh when people are looking at Macs, if you want to compare apples to apples, you need to subtract $200 to $300 from the price of the machine because OS X development is essentially rolled into the price. Some cheapo laptops only come with win 7 basic. People complain about the Apple “tax” when in reality they’re getting more/better software.

    1. No kidding! And with your Apple purchase you get the iLife package. Just getting iPhoto and Garageband make it a no-brainer. Plus Apple doesn’t load your hard drive with utterly worthless OEM crapola and demos and shite like that that takes time to get rid of.

  4. Do the trash collectors in Wellesley use Macs to plan their routes or do they use the Dells that have been dumped by the households and recovered from the dumpsters?

  5. Same people writing the articles are most likely driving luxury autos, buying 200 dollar jeans, and other mis guided spending. Yet, when it comes to a computer they yell the sky is falling for a few dollars.

    Like explain to me how much people waste a year on products that they want so they can impress another person and yet roll with a PC they brag at getting for less withmore problems.

    Geez, how dumb are these people! PCers, nuff said!

    1. DUDE! Exactly!

      Case in point, a few years back I was picking up surplussed Dull Workstations, cleaning them up and selling them off for extra money.

      I was giving ‘SMOKIN’ deals price wise.

      This one guy comes out to my house and pisses and complains that I won’t come down on the price. We are talking $150 for a Xeon workstation with a SCSI array, 3 gigs of RAM and I was throwing in a monitor keyboard and mouse.

      I tell the dude sorry you can go somewhere else if the price is too high.

      I walk him outside and the guy gets into a brand new Mercedes Benz…

      I also loved how he ‘complained’ that he had to go home to mow his 2 acre yard on his riding lawn mower.


      1. It’s often the case that generosity is inversely proportional to the amount of riches a person has. It’s a common story, one that I come across often myself. It’s how they became rich in the first place by counting the pennies.

  6. And that is the part that is being overlooked! “… they tend to … have a high student population.” I believe that the “student population” is now at 75% or 85% Mac and NO ONE WANTS TO TALK ABOUT IT!!! (That will tank their stocks.)

    I bet Steve Ballmer, Michael Dell and who ever is the CEO of HP can see this! These students will get a job some day. They will be the decision makers in a family one day. The future is OS X and iOS. NOT Windows or Red Hat!

  7. Clearly these people have way too much disposable income and they are wasting their money on these Macs when pencil and paper will do. I have no problem raising their taxes over the 50% mark whatsoever.

    1. Oh the humor of the Neo-Con-job! What’s more funny? Their lies about their opposition or their own delirious delusions?

      Oddly, such self-destructive people have consistently been the source of the argument that democracy is a failure. Let fools vote and they vote in fools. Witness our new US House of Representatives. Just laugh.

  8. 36% still leaves a lot of headroom for growth in that sector. Then realize the massive Mac-conversion potential for the general U.S. population and worldwide.

    When investment analysts say Apple is less of a growth company now, they have no idea. Apple could well reach the sort of ubiquity microsoft used to enjoy, but even a small fraction of that would see it double or triple again.

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