Apple CEO Steve Jobs to unveil Mac OS X Lion, iOS 5, iCloud at June 6 WWDC keynote address

Apple CEO Steve Jobs and a team of Apple executives will kick off the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) with a keynote address on Monday, June 6 at 10am. At the keynote, Apple will unveil its next generation software – Lion, the eighth major release of Mac OS X; iOS 5, the next version of Apple’s advanced mobile operating system which powers iPad, iPhone and iPod touch; and iCloud, Apple’s upcoming cloud services offering.

WWDC will feature more than 100 technical sessions presented by Apple engineers. Mac developers will see and learn how to develop world-class Mac OS X Lion applications using its latest technologies and capabilities. Mobile developers will be able to explore the latest innovations and capabilities of iOS and learn how to greatly enhance the functionality, performance and design of their apps. All developers can bring their code to the labs and work with Apple engineers.

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Source: Apple Inc.

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        1. Yeah, me too. Maybe MDN thinks people are more colorful when dealing with what they think might be a rumor, than when something is certain. We could always change it to MacDailyRumors…

      1. Yep and the funny thing is that their new offering (iCloud) is officially announced far before the keynote. So the “one more thing” will be something else then…

  1. It would an epic, were Steve Jobs to unveil the next iOS, and having done so, in the next slide under the title “Here ya go,” bring up the Samsung’s court request to see the next version of iPhone and iPad.

    At least, I’ll be tickled.

  2. If this IS official: that 1) Steve Jobs is announcing, 2) iOS 5 will be unveiled, and 3) iCloud will be unveiled (Lion is no surprise);

    Then the surprise announcement(s) should be incredible.

  3. If this is true about Steve Jobs, then I believe this to be as epic as Apple’s products. Mind over matter, excellent doctors and treatment plus a guardian angel looking over him. I’m thrilled about what Apple plans to churn out. Thank you Steve and thank you Apple!

    1. They don’t always do “one more thing”. Although if they can pull it off all the better!

      iOS5 and iCloud will be more than enough for me. Even better if we get some surprise new features from Lion (not counting on it though).

  4. And one more thing… Steve will be introducing Ballmer’s left nut… no, not me…the real Ballmer’s left nut…because after Steve proceeds to crush Ballmer’s nuts only the left one will be left standing…

    1. I was surprised at this too. That means they are definitely showing something else. There’s no way Apple reveals everything they are showing before the keynote. That ruins the hype.

      1. *sigh… again….Since they gave no details and basically announced to a group of developers that they would be talking about their 2 OS’s, and a new cloud offering (which is basically a new mobile me), and gave no details (eg. features, price points, dates).. they actually didn’t ‘reveal everything’.. they didn’t reveal anything new

  5. I love watching these rollouts, and every time I see Steve I thank God for him. Oh how sweet to have decades of watching superb mastery. Just love it. What a gift to get to see another!

  6. If they would broadcast this live to the Apple Stores, I’d take the morning off to go watch. I can’t get into the real keynote, but how great would it be share it live, on the big screen, with pack of Apple fans. Serve Bloody Marys and it would be perfection.

  7. Steve is announced to speak and the stock goes up. Perhaps his health issue has had more to do with the stagnant price. I hope he also reveals iPhone to T-Mobile. That might drive the price up.

    1. The first sentence of the press release begins, “Apple® CEO Steve Jobs and a team of Apple executives will kick off the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) with a keynote address…”

      Stop skimming and read! 😉

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