Mac OS X 10.6.8 hints Apple readying Mac App Store for Lion upgrade

“A third test build of Mac OS X 10.6.8 has surfaced this weekend and produced a discovery confirming Apple’s plans to offer Lion through the Mac App Store,” Electronista reports.

“New notes added for the release mention that it’s intended to ‘enhance’ the store to ‘get your Mac ready to upgrade to Mac OS X Lion,'” Electronista reports.

“Mac users will most likely need 10.6.8 as a minimum requirement to upgrade to Lion through a downloadable copy and will have to buy a disc if using an earlier OS,” Electronista reports.

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  1. With that Apple’s whole model could change. How stupid will people (and enterprise) feel paying hundreds for an OS when Apple’s charging $30?

    1. I’m no Luddite but am not sold on all this cloud computing stuff. I NEVER do upgrade and install – only clean installs. With a fairly complex setup I have found it works best.
      Think about the data on an install DVD and add it to the data cap some of us have to deal with. Also, some “broadband” isn’t so speedy ( yes I refer to ConCast- who has seriously throttled the internet in my ‘hood since switching to all digital TV). My cable Internet is slower now than a decade ago when our system was Time-Warner RoadRunner- Xfinity my ass.
      I’ll take a DVD, Thank You, and want to see if Apple has a decent replacement for Front Row. I’ve tried Plex and am less than impressed. Maybe ElGato can whip up a living room FS interface for all iTunes content.
      Losing Rosetta is also BS.

      1. The DVD version ist old in that moment you buy it. So in most cases you install an out of date version of Lion and you have to start the update process which will replace your clean install entirely. So why not skip step one and install the newest version directly ?

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