RUMOR: Apple to release iPad 3 in September 2011

“Our colleagues at have rounded up the latest rumours in the iPad 3 video below,” Gary Marshall reports for TechRadar UK.

• The iPad 3 release date is September 2011: This is the biggest rumour of all: an iPad 3 mere months after the iPad 2. An unnamed Apple employee says that the iPad 2 was a bit of a rush job, and “the third generation iPad is the one to make a song and dance about.” Respected Apple watcher John Gruber added fuel to that particular fire by strongly hinting that the iPad 3 release date will be in September.

• The iPad 3 specs include a dual-core processor: It’s possible that the iPad 3 will have a brand spanking new processor, Apple’s A6, but if the rumoured release date is correct then time is awfully tight

• The iPad 3 features include a retina display: Rumours of an HD screen on the iPad 3 gathered pace on 12 April 2011 when Digitimes reported that Apple is asking panel makers to provide screens that are capable of displaying higher image quality than the iPad 2.

• The iPad 3 price might be higher than the iPad 2: The iPad 2 didn’t herald a price hike, but if the iPad 3’s coming in September we don’t think a massive iPad 2 price cut is very likely – which suggests that if the iPad 3 does appear then, it might be more of an iPad Pro – with a price to match.

Read more in the full article, which includes rumors of Thunderbolt, an SD Card slot, a carbon fiber body, and more, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dow C.” for the heads up.]


  1. Rubbish. Can’t see it happening. Too many production bottlenecks as it is without subjecting the iPad to a new design which necessitates a new procurement cycle.

      1. Analysts? ahaha….. that’s a load of crap. They are smart enough to know saying nothing in the supply chain isn’t going to sell more iPads, when the it has the “Mother of all Backorders”. The big problem right now it did the Fire at Foxconn’s iPad production facility make iPads even more rare?

  2. iPad3 will roll out next year, be tagged “Made in Brazil”, and will have the same dual core with improved camera specs. The major feature of 3 will be new software UI enhancements. This is gospel according to Jobs.

  3. Ladies and gentlemen, what you have here is a classic example of Google’s contribution to online journalism. Pageviews encourage the most retarded predictions: the more outrageous, the better. Instead of covering something with a remote chance of happening, or god forbid adding some intelligent insight into a current event, these trolls take one of the most popular pieces of consumer electronics and slap an impossible, horribly sources POS and try to pass it off as journalism.

    All for the mighty pageview. Thanks Sergey, thanks Larry.

      1. “Journalism”
        “Used Car Salesman”
        “Garbage Man”
        “Hedge Fund Manager”

        It all looks like shit to me.

  4. No way. Even if Apple could be ready for iPad 3 launch in September, there is no business reason for them to unveil it. Ipad is selling like hot cakes as it is now, why wouldn’t they wait till next year? I call BS!

  5. BS.

    Apple OWNS the tablet market for the foreseeable future. WHY would they release such a massive upgrade six months after the iPad 2?

    Some dweeb is trying to tweak stock prices or something.

  6. My wish list for iPad 3 (for next year):

    1) Retina Holographic screen.
    2) Better cameras.
    3) Larger storage space (f the cloud I still want more storage).
    4) Give it the ability to float in the air and kill your enemies.
    5) 1 GB (or more) Ram (I don’t want it and don’t think it’s currently needed.. It’s just to shut up the minority of naysayers)

    1. 6) Charge wirelessly from 12 feet away from charger.
      7) Fold in half but not affect the screen one bit.
      8) Dispense icy cold beer.
      9) Lawn mower attachment that mows grass without human intervention.

  7. “Our colleagues at have rounded up the latest rumours in the iPad..”

    …meaning a bunch of lesser nerds put off their D&D game to put down their wildest ipad fantasies and pass it off as a “rumor mill”

  8. This is total smoke… but… here is the part that is worth noodling: An iPad Pro is a good idea. A version of the iPad with a higher rez and possibly slightly larger screen, and maybe a port or two. It is the iPod strategy in reverse (where follow-on models were less expense and less capable) – a larger, more capable iPad that starts to close the gap between iPad and the Air. Remember, too, that the internals are mostly battery, so a larger iPad could have BOTH more battery life and more processing power.

    For Apple, the incentive is margin – for an additional $70 in cost they could charge $200 more.

    Just saying, this isn’t a stupid idea. But the earliest we’d see it is March 2012.

    1. Ports = bulk. Nope

      I do see an iPad pro becoming real, but ports. You do not know Steve and apple.

      Did u hear about new Macs with more antennas for higher bandwidth wireless? Expect manny antenna in new iDevices


    1. This.
      What the competition is realizing is its the software that makes the device. I guarantee iOS 5 will make it like a new device. iPad 2 is plenty powerful enough for the current years worth of competition if you couple it with the new iOS.

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