Over 5 million iOS games downloaded per day by 63 million iOS gamers in US and EU

“Today we are pleased to announce our partnership with international games market research firm Newzoo to provide unique monthly data on game sales and downloads across all Apple App Stores. In this partnership we will combine the demographics of worldwide gamers that Newzoo collects through its Gamers Surveys with in-depth app store data from Distimo focused on games. This combination provides excellent insight in important developments in the gaming industry,” Vincent Hoogsteder blogs for Distimo.

“Combined research results of Newzoo and Distimo shows that games represent the largest single app category on Apple App Stores, and account for half of the downloads of both free and paid apps,” Hoogsteder reports. “In total, more than five million games a day were downloaded in the US and six European territories combined during March 2011. The 63 million iOS gamers in these seven countries downloaded an average of 2.5 games per month.”

March 2011 Daily iOS Game Downloads - Distimo and Newzoo

Hoogsteder reports, “The National Gamers Survey, held in March 2011 at the time of the launch of the iPad 2 in Europe, shows that there are now more than 60 million iOS gamers in total in the US and key European countries. Between six and seven percent of the online population has an iPhone in the US, UK, France and Germany, while Spain, The Netherlands and Belgium trail with three to four percent. The share of iPhone owners who play iOS games is between 50 and 75%. Nearly 15 million Americans who play games on mobile phones or tablets actively use an iPad, and in the European countries this total is seven million. The iPad is ahead of the PlayStation Portable in terms of the total number of people playing games on a specific device.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz,” “Dow C.,” and “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]


  1. But, but, but Paul Thurrott said that there was no correlation between the rising adoption of iPads and decline in consumer PC sales. But don’t PC owners use their dimwit machines to game primarily? So this explosion in iOS games downloads must mean that…God forbid…consumers are ditching their PCs in huge numbers for the iPad.

    Eat shit Thurrott.

    1. I had to look up who Paul Brian Thurrott is. He is that IT historian that use to be a “technology reporter, published author, podcaster, and the news editor for Windows IT Pro magazine.” You have to love the fact that he uses an iPod and not a Microsoft Zune!

    2. Wow…you should see Thurrotts latest drivel on his Super Win Supersite for WIndows super windows site. He goes on to blast Jobs’ first video on the Apple retail store. Sigh.

    3. I thought that kind of already happened, but a lot of people moved to consoles when they ditched the PC for gaming.

      The only people I know who game on the PC are either into MMOs or they are hardcore FPS players and nothing but a mouse will ‘cut it’ for control.

      I have not ‘gamed’ on my PC since 2002 or 2003.

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