More details emerge in Pogue domestic dispute imbroglio

“New York Times tech guru David Pogue and his wife have been charged with disorderly conduct following a domestic dispute Monday at their Westport home that police said turned physical,” Tom Cleary reports for The Stamford Advocate.

“Pogue, 48, and Jennifer Pogue, 47, were issued the summonses following the apparent altercation at their home on Woody Lane about 10:30 p.m. Monday, police said,” Cleary reports. “The Pogues are the parents of three children — ages 13, 12 and 9 — and the dispute apparently erupted when Jennifer Pogue paid a visit on a night that David Pogue had visitation rights with the children, police said.”

“An argument ensued, which Jennifer Pogue decided to record on her iPhone, police said. David Pogue contends that, during a struggle over the phone, ‘When he wouldn’t let go, she bit his arm,’ said police Capt. Sam Arciola,” Cleary reports. “Jennifer Pogue, however, told police she was lying in bed reading a book when her husband took her phone and struck her in the head.”

“Police did not seize the phone for evidence, but the video was reviewed before officers departed,” Cleary reports. “‘The recording substantiated some of the claims,’ Arciola said.”

Cleary reports, “David Pogue happened to be speaking Thursday at a conference at the Shelton Marriott to benefit a charity dedicated to domestic violence victims.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]

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    1. … Natalie Imbruglia? And why would you suggest she might be there? You think maybe she has no life? Can’t find a younger, buffer, more exciting guy than geeky D.P. to spend time with? Or maybe you were hoping she might be somehow fascinated by geeky guys, giving you a whiff of a chance? 😉

    2. Perhaps you should read the headline then bone up on your English vocab. Missing a pun is one thing, commenting on it is an order of magnitude more-unfortunate.

    1. To name three:
      – iPhone
      – One of the very few top Apple product reviewers who get pre-release Apple products
      – Asked for by “MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually.”

      Just because you don’t like the news, don’t blame the news source.

          1. That is a false comment. Voyeurism is habitually observing others without their knowledge and often with sexual purposes. Most PROPER “news” isn’t about the personal lives of individuals. Unless MDN is suddenly TMZ.
            This article is NOT news, it is tabloid level garbage and has no significant bearing on the Apple community or company.

            Please stop this mess.

            1. Arnold is in the “News”… Bill Clinton was in the “News”… because of sexual purposes.

              “Most PROPER “news” isn’t about the personal lives of individuals.”

              So one can say if one is racist, then that is a character trait and a poor one at that, but that it relates to the personal lives of individuals and is not “news” right?…

              Yet… MSNBC supposed to be a cable “news” channel, but is out charging Newt Gingrich of racism for factually correct statements made on NBC “news” proper program ‘Meet the Press’ with David Gregory bringing up false racism charged code words!… Now NBC and affiliates, THAT is tabloid level garbage operation.

              CARE TO REDEFINE WAS “NEWS” IS?…

            2. @ now now

              For one I never said MSNBC was a bastion of journalistic integrity so bringing them up and insinuating that I think all the dribble on American cable news show is the “proper” news I am talking about is…wrong. I agree that most television news shows have a huge number of stories that are tabloid level garbage, hence my emphasis on proper.

              Second, this is MacDailyNews. Putting up two articles about Pogue’s altercation with his soon to be ex-wife because he reviews Apple products isn’t relevant and it leaves a very bad taste in my mouth about this site that I frequent above all others. I come here for Apple news, not politics and the latest scandal. Why you are bringing up things that are completely irrelevant to what I said is beyond me.

              Finally, to answer your question “CARE TO REDEFINE WHAT ‘NEWS’ IS?…” As this is MacDailyNews a pretty good start for that is anything that has to do with Apple, its products, or its business. This could be rumors, updates, new ventures, or any of the other things that MDN usually covers. This story, however falls squarely outside the realm of Mac News.

        1. It said in the article that in April that someone stole the tires and wheels off his Honda Fitt whilst it was parked overnight at a train station.
          What self-respecting thief would steal those?
          Heck, he could have driven wherever he needed to go anyway.
          Pouge must be a real cheapskate….the real root of their domestic strife I’d say.

    2. Pogue is commonly associates as one of the proponents of the Mac platform and has written several books about Apple’s software and consumer electronics. Please: if you’re going to post “how is this Mac news” in comments, save yourself some keystrokes and hit the little “x” in your browser tab or window.

      1. i see your point, but i disagree.
        now if this involved him being arrested with an iPhone 5 prototype… or the argument involved the use of a MBP as a weapon… yeah ok.
        but it’s a domestic issue about a guy that reviews apple stuff. 3rd party relation to apple at best.
        No direct relation to apple.

        it would be the same if MDN started posting articles on DSK. (the IMF guy in the rape allegation)

  1. Please, first time was tolerable, but is it really necessary to follow it up?

    Dear MDN, please, leave this matter alone. It’s a sad story for all concerned, and exposing their misery serves little purpose here.

  2. We should only focus our attention and concern about Mr Pogue’s professional work as a journalist author specially when it relates to Apple’s technology.

    The incident reported here are private life issues of Mr Pogue and hence this item should be removed from the site.

      1. Even so…. Why is this item ventilated on this site…. Or worse, what are you or all of us going to resolve or gain by posting about it here?

        This news item does not belong here.

      2. Regarding police intervention…. There are millions of incidents where police intervention does not make the matter public, quite the opposite.

        Do not confuse public funded Org intervention with the issue being of the public domain, much less you feeling with the right to poke your nose on others matters.

  3. Given the status of Mr Pogue in the Mac community, it’s perfectly reasonable that MDN should carry this story. Divorces are hell and we all hope that his unfortunate situation can be resolved as soon as possible.

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