How long can Apple stay on top?

“In a bit of non-Earth-shattering news, Apple this week was deemed the world’s most valuable consumer brand,” Sidney Hill writes for E-Commerce Times.

“Most consumers do, in fact, view Apple and its line of iProducts — the Pad, the Phone and the Pod — in a favorable light. It also appears that Apple will retain the upper hand in a consumer technology space that is increasingly becoming defined by mobile devices over the next several years. So, it makes perfect sense, given Millward Brown’s criteria for assessing brand value, that Apple would sit atop the rankings,” Hill writes. “It’s no mere accident that Apple finds itself in this position, however.”

Hill writes, “Apple currently is the most valuable brand because it has a clear business strategy, and it’s executing on that strategy extremely well. The strategy is to design and manufacture devices that appeal to consumers, and then create an ecosystem — in the form of content and applications — that enhances the experience of using those devices and thus engenders customer loyalty… The challenge for Apple now is finding a formula for staying on top.”

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MacDailyNews Take: How long can Apple stay on top? For as long as they keep focused on end-user experience and not get distracted by other, less important things. Apple simply needs to continue doing their damnedest to delight customers and everything else will take care of itself.


    1. The only way Apple falls from its roost is if it completely shoots itself in the foot or if the world ends. Nobody will unseat it while it’s at the top of its game.

  1. As long as there are photocopy machines and CEOs that operate them for a living. Or, there are consumers with tastes, class and brains and are allowed to vote with their wallets and/or mindshare.

  2. Apple can stay on top until a better company with a better idea and better execution comes along.

    Looking at the competition, I’d have to say, one hell of a long time.

  3. Not to be morbid, but till Steve Jobs pass away. This his company, his ideas, and his lifeblood. Apple is on such a high right now, that even with all the warning signs, when that times come it has no where to go but down. One good thing for Apple is that they are building such a lead to protect then self from that inevitability.

  4. off course, for some fanboys this may sound like a relevant question, “how long will Apple stay on top”.

    In my humble opinion, Apple didn’t have to be on top to make great products, and does not have to stay on top to keep making great products.

    As long as Apple will keep making great products, there will be a market for Apple devices, iDevices or other ones. Investors may care about the top, but I don’t.

  5. Apple will stay on top until they miss a major technological shift. The iPod sales curve to dominance is one model; the iPad instant dominance is another. The secret to Apple’s superiority is their commitment to the end user experience, and their experience and skill in user interfaces.

  6. Top Ten reasons why Apple might not stay on top

    1) A sales guys takes over as CEO
    2) Microsoft Hires Steve Jobs
    3) Geeks take over the world
    4) Steve Jobs has no more pet peeves
    5) Apple buys Microsoft
    6) Google adds “Apple” to its porn word list
    7) Microsoft starts making iPad apps, and gets them infected with malware
    8) California sinks into the ocean
    9) A new drug make the whole human race telepathic and omniscient.
    10) Apple hires Steve Ballmer as new CEO after his termination at Microsoft (same a #1 but with a vengeance)

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