Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says ‘stay tuned’ on possible tablet

“Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in an interview later on Wednesday effectively confirmed plans for an Amazon-branded tablet,” Electronista reports.

“When asked, he used cautious language and said customers should “stay tuned” on what Amazon would do,” Electronista reports. “He explained to Consumer Reports that the company would be ‘mindful’ of keeping devices like the Kindle but couldn’t confirm or deny what was coming down the pipeline.”

Electronista reports, “Recent leaks have had a tablet well into development with Quanta as the contract manufacturer producing the hardware for a second-half 2011 release. It may have been designed by Samsung with Amazon mostly providing feedback and the software side. Android would be a virtual certainty given Amazon’s exclusive apps, such as Amazon MP3 and the Amazon Appstore.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s iPod all over again, just replace to “o” with an “a.” So many hunger so for Apple iPad’s table scraps.


  1. They have limited options here if they want to do eBooks and be a hardware provider to do it.

    Basically they either get comfortable with the kindle going away at some point and they just stick with eBooks on other devices (iPad, Android etc.) or they morph the thing into a tablet.

    I mean really there are no other options.

  2. Apple’s 30% cut of all eBook sales (think iFlow Reader) could come back to bite them if it drives Amazon off the iPad entirely. How many people would have to buy an Amazon tablet just to keep reading their Kindle purchases? I’m guessing quite a few.

      1. The problem is that amazon has several times the number of titles as available from the iBook store. It’s annoying because I like the iBook app on my iPads more than the Kindle app. I like the ragged right edge option and the choice of fonts — much better than the one font on the Kindle. Also the animation. And the little details, like how much easier it is to return to your location after looking at an endnote.

        1. “And the little details, like how much easier it is to return to your location after looking at an endnote.”

          Huh? Just hit the Kindle’s Back button–or its equivalent on the iPad. (I assume there is one in the app somewhere.) (Assuming you got to the endnote by clicking on its number.)

    1. Buy the Kindle books, download them to Kindle for Mac, remove the DRM, use Stanza to convert to PDF or ePub and load up into IBooks. Problem solved and you have a nice backup.

    1. My missus got a Sony reader for get birthday. The thing was a piece of shit. She reads mostly at night and couldnt use it because the screen was too dark.
      I bet the kindle has the same problem. No backlight no good in subdued lighting.

      1. Hmm, I read at night on my Sony Reader, but I admit I have to turn the light on to do so. Works just fine when I do that. I usually do this before going to bed. I think it is nicer to read on at that point because I don’t have a bright display flooding my eyes, too. Wasn’t there something recently about Apple patenting a hybrid display? That might be an interesting option.

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