Samsung shows Retina-like 2560×1600, 10.1-inch touchscreen for tablets

“Samsung and its frequent partner Nouvoyance said on Thursday they would show an ultra-sharp LCD optimized for tablets,” Electronista reports.

“The 10.1-inch, PenTile RGBW-based (red, green, blue, white) screen reaches an unprecedented resolution of 2560×1600,” Electronista reports. “At 300 pixels per inch, the panel’s sharpness is double the 1280×800 on most early Android 3 tablets and 2.25 times sharper than the 132PPI of an iPad 2 screen.”

Electronista reports, “Samsung anticipated making the screen available to use for shipping products before the end of 2011. Companies still usually have to integrate the hardware and might not have shipping tablets until early 2012… Apple uses Samsung for iPad 2 displays but would have to get Samsung to cut the display down to 2048×1536 if it were to double its existing pixel density.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. “PenTile” resolution claims are close to fraud, like the megapixel claims in cameras, where red, green and blue pixels are counted separately. The usual specs-oriented bullshitting.

    1. Well, It’d have to be 330 ppi if you held the tablet 10 inches from your face. Given that people tend to hold iPads a little farther away than their iPhones, I would think it could be less than 330 ppi and still be retina.

    2. For using a tablet correct distance to the screen is about 12 inches (or slightly more) instead of 10 inches for pocket-size device like iPhone/iPod touch.

      So even when iPad will be released with 2048×1536 resolution at 265 dpi, for the eye on the working distance of a tablet that would be perfectly Retina-class display.

      Also, Samsung does not produce displays for iPad since the company does not have a licence from Hitachy for IPS technology.

      Samsung produces (non-IPS) displays for MacBooks and small iPods.

  2. “Samsung anticipated making the screen available to use for shipping products before the end of 2011.”

    Yeah, yeah, yeah: Gonna, wants to, will, promises to, plans to, ought to, may, might, should, hopes, anticipates, dreams of, and on and on and on and on.

    Vaporware RULES!

  3. They are all now following bezos doctrine of managing your PPS. Together with the shysters of WS and their media whores, every word they release is worth some amount of payola.

    Today Bezos sat down with consumer reports and hinted on their vaporware. That will be worth another ten dollars to amazon pps while the shysters bring down apple 5 points.

    Two months from now Bartoromo will regurgitate this vaporware using terms like due out in december. By October she will use terms like eminent releae of the iPad killer. Of course by that time apple would have sold 30 million iPad 2s. Apple stock price $360. Amazon at $250 and google at $620.

    1. “every word they release is worth some amount of payola.”

      Yep, and not only that, real physical products (i.e. Apple) will be compared to these projected/promised/anticipated products.

      “Does it support Flash? Xoom supports Flash! (Well it actually doesn’t. But it claims to in the future, though it will do so poorly.” “Is it compatible with 4G networks? Xoom is! (Well it will be when you send it in for an upgrade, which will be important as soon as 4G coverage is more readily available.)”

      So the next thing about iPad 3 will be “Does it have a retina-class display? Samsung says they’ve got them and that Android tablets will be magnificent with them.” Regardless of whether any such tablets exist, people will want to compare Apple’s actual product line to other companies’ proposed specs.

  4. You all seem to be missing the fact that this is not the same division that makes the Galaxy Tab. This is the division that makes parts that Apple uses in its products. This is a part that might find its way in to a future Apple tablet.

  5. Jeez people, Retina has to be blah blah blah. Just like an iPod needs a click wheel or an iMac has a 14″ CRT. Retina is an Apple brand for superior high resolution display.

    Yes for developer ease the aspect ratio is unlikey to change. However if Apple follows suit and blows by existing solutions and uses a variation on the product theme while maintaining a brand with deep value all but the whiners will be satisfied.

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