Microsoft debuts new ‘I’m a PC’ ad (with video)

After a long dry spell, Microsoft has quite randomly debuted a new “I’m a PC” ad. It’s at least as stupid as it’s predecessors:

MacDailyNews Take: Let’s just try to forget about the ridiculous concept of turning someone’s house into a fsckified PC store without her knowledge and move on some other issues contained within this mess.

“So there is no tower anymore?” Yes, love, since June 5, 1977, with the release of the Apple II. Or, in case you missed that one, since January 24, 1984, with the release of something called “Macintosh.” Or, in case you missed even that, since August 15, 1998, with the release of the iMac.

With these ads, Microsoft seems intent on reinforcing the fact that those who waste their money on Windows PCs are vapid, pissy, ill-informed twits with hideous haircuts destined for severe cases of gorilla arm. That’s some selling point.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]

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  1. Form Wikipedia on “Gorilla Arm”:
    “Vertical touchscreens still dominate in applications such as ATMs and data kiosks in which the usage is too brief to be an ergonomic problem”.
    I think that is why they use vertical touchscreens as in that HP: It is because “the usage is too brief to be an ergonomic problem”.

    Shit happens, sometimes®

    Oh, and also:
    Stupid is as stupid does®

  2. What do the rumored Apple-killer “Microsoft retail stores and the iPad-killer “Courier tablet” have in common?

    Vaporware! You better believe it. ™ =;~B

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