Apple’s two-year-old iPhone 3GS still outselling AT&T’s latest Android phones

“Canaccord Genuity analyst Michael Walkley says his retail checks show continued strong demand for the iPhone 3GS at AT&T and iPad 1 at Verizon, even as the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 continue to fly off the shelves.,” John Paczkowski reports for AllThingsD.

“At AT&T, for example, the iPhone 3GS is outselling newer Android phones like the HTC Inspire and Motorola Atrix,” Paczkowski reports. “Of course, at $49 the 3Gs is half the price of the Inspire and a quarter of the price of the Atrix, so cost is obviously a big factor here. Still, the continued success of Apple’s older devices in the marketplace suggests that the company, which is already winning at the market’s higher end, has a good shot of winning at its lower end as well–particularly if it ever releases a lower-tier iPhone-–one free of the required $70+ a month voice-and-data service plan.”

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  1. No matter how you look at it at its core Android is total junk more suited for the scrapyard. How is it any wonder that two year old technology outsells the latest piece of rubbish.

  2. That’s great, because, of course, 3GS gets all the iOS updates. Remember, you get an iPhone, and you get about 2 years of ‘free’ OS updates (to go with your 2 year contract).. That’s why you don’t feel like a ‘sucker’ when the next year’s phone comes out.

    1. …. except now the 2 years of updates are all tapped out. You only get updates if the phone is current. Unfortunately people who buy a 3GS now are going to feel a bit like a sucker when the next version of iOS comes out and their device is only half supported by the update (like Apple did with the 3G).

      The trend has been Apple does 2 official major updates and 1 “unofficial” (like they did with the original iPhone and 3G).

      1. That is the incentive for those that are willing and able to afford the latest iPhone to stay current.

        The crowd that do not want to pay much for a smart phone will buy the older gen phones. They prioritize the upfront cost over features.

  3. yeah have to agree. Android is too complicated to figure out. It’s exactly like windows huge learning curve, still too many steps to accomplish anything. I’ve used so many of Android powered phones, none come close the the fluid motion of the iPhone. Shit my grandma uses an iPhone and she convinced half her friends at the nursing home to get an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch because it’s so easy to use.

    You can add all the bits and pieces to the phone you want, but if the software doesn’t make it easy to use then it’s shite.

  4. “particularly if it ever releases a lower-tier iPhone-–one free of the required $70+ a month voice-and-data service plan.”

    A $49 phone with no plan. Who is going to pay for it? Idiot.

    1. Agree.

      He wants a data phone with out a data plan.
      Apple does not have control over the cost of the data plan.
      One day when most phones are Smart phones, then the data could get rolled into the basic plan.

      Wish Apple would buy a carrier. 😉

  5. I have told many people considering an iPhone, but hesitant because of the iP4’s price, to just go and get the “old” 3GS for $50 or so from ATT and try it out and you CAN NOT LOSE.

    It converted them in a day or two.

  6. Yea,,,,, sure the iPhone 3GS is selling more than any single Android phone….. but look at all those various piles of Android phones out there…… Together….. the are a much bigger number of phones…..

    So … see…. Apple is really dying… cant you tell…. And now MicroSloth owns Skype…. the world will soon be bought and owned by Steve Ballmer… Its the end.. 🙁

    OH wait… its Microsoft…. They will screw this up too.. 🙂

    Never mind. !!

    Just a post Gildner Radner thought.


  7. I think the 3GS is a great phone, esp for the price!

    I’ve had both an iPhone and an Android device. If you can operate one you can operate the other. Seriously neither one is complicated (unless you jailbreak or root).

    I like the HTC Sense UI for android its clean and looks good, the motorola phones have a butt ugly UI.

    I like that I don’t have to plug my android phone into a computer for anything. Its really far more ‘cloud’ friendly and ahead of the iPhone in this regard.

    I do believe that the iPhone has a far more consistent UI experience (one single company providing the software UI, instead of multiples on Android) and the API/App availability is def far more consistent. You are more likely to have more users on the same iOS version vs. Android where the user will probably have the last version released by the handset manufacturer.

    I like to think there is room for both Phone/Operating systems myself.. I’d hate to see how things would be if only one of them was available. Innovation would grind to a halt.

    1. I hear allot of people talking about the great deal the 3GS. Sure, $50 for the subsidized phone is great, but my contract is going to cost $2736 after the 24 months without the cost of the phone.

      Cost of the 3GS for me over 24 months: $2786
      Cost of the 4 for me over 24 months: $2935

      So lets see:
      I get a single lower resolution phone
      I get a thinker phone
      I get a phone that has less battery life
      I get a half as powerful processor
      I get half of the amount of ram
      I don’t have the ability to do video chat
      Less sensitive gyros
      Two year old design
      All for a $149 savings on a bill of $2786?

      I don’t see the “great deal” or the savings. I see a bunch of people buying something they can’t afford and convincing themselves that they got a good deal.

      I can see an enterprise saving money on a purchase of 1000 3GS units, the rest are getting hoodwinked.

      PS, 3GS was my favorite phone, then the IP4 came out. Don’t sell yourself short.

  8. Pretty much serves to illustrate that the artificial propagation of android os devices sales numbers have been inflated by BOGO & deep discount offers all along. The second they cut the price on older iphones, bargain folks will scoop them up. Look for that to be case again next yr when iPhone 5 is released & the 4’s get the discount. While you can get the older droids for next to free–because there’s no real buyer appeal for them..

    1. Is anyone doing BOGO offers on android phones? I haven’t been able to find any and I was looking for awhile. At least on Verizon I sure didn’t get a BOGO or discount on my Droid Incredible.

  9. You can now get a free 3GS with contract on Orange in the UK. Interestingly the offer expires on the 14th of May just over two weeks before WWDC. Perhaps we’ll see a discounted price on the 4G from then on? It’ll sell like Gangbusters.

    Check out Josh Topolsky’s review of the HP Vier, he concludes that the two year old 3GS is still a better phone!

  10. AT&T has shitty Android phones. When you compare any iPhone to the Incredible 2 or the HTC phones with Sense 3.0 you get a totally different picture. Sense 3.0 is light years ahead of the current iPhone IOS. People jailbreak their phones to try and get a sliver of the functionality and look of Sense. Apple has a lot of catching up to do with IOS 5.

    The comments above remind me of how blind Apple followers were back in the Apple II days when DOS first reared its ugly head. Next thing we knew Apple was sucking in the exhaust of the PC market. And if they’re not careful they’re going to repeat that failure.

    1. Hmm..thats funny Jon. This is the first I’ve even heard of Sense. That must be because of how AWESOME it is.

      Pffft. Knob….enjoy your Android phone while its still supported.

    2. Another Android knob talking out of his arse. HTC makes the worse phones ever. Well if you’re a knob and realise you’ve bought the wrong phone, you’ll try every means possible to justify your purchase. Comparing HTC Sense to iOS is like comparing turd to gold.

  11. “…has a good shot of winning at its lower end as well–particularly if it ever releases a lower-tier iPhone…”

    Uh, if the old version of the iPhone is doing well, why release a “lower-tier” iPhone?

  12. You mean that a $49 phone is outselling a $299 phone? Whoa.

    In further news, Dell sells more $300 computers than Apple sells $599 computers. Film at 11.

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