Enderle: Apple iPad could dominate; pad market much more like iPod than PC

“Right now, the tablet market, which is beginning to cannibalize the PC market, is looking far more like the iPod market — including Apple’s dominance of it. Currently Apple is shipping at a rate of around 20 million a year and selling out, while the entire aggregation of competitors is shipping less than 5 million, with much of the product unsold,” Rob Enderle writes for TechNewsWorld.

“There is this debate going on in the analyst community with most arguing that the tablet market is like the PC market was, and Apple will once again be overwhelmed — in this case largely by Google and Android,” Enderle writes. “But a few of us, mostly me, are arguing that it is behaving much more like the iPod market, and Apple will emerge preeminent unless something big changes.”

MacDailyNews Take: Yeah, mostly you. Pfft.

Enderle writes, “Making this personal, my brother just asked for a tablet for his birthday. He didn’t care what kind, but based on his spec, only the iPad will meet his needs. Now when I can’t buy a product for someone who doesn’t even like Apple that isn’t an Apple product, we have an iPod market.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: By SteveJack: Yes, the fact that Enderle basically agrees with me is not only nauseating, but – for a fleeting second – actually made me reassess… Nope, I’m still right. Enderle has either been reading MacDailyNews for quite some time or the end is nigh.


  1. Rob Enderle has been struck by a light on his way to Cupertino. Transformed, elevated; apotheosis. Sorry Guy, Rob Enderle is now the first among the Mac faithful!

    1. Derek, yes he really is that dumb. If you read the article, its like a wistful, … I wish this were not true….. Maybe Intel or someone can still kill Apple. kind of article.

      He did not once, mention the OS. Ease of use?? just specks. Just a thought,

  2. Product of the Week: Lenovo Cloud Ready Client — Would someone PLEASE explain to me exactly what this is? I read Robbie’s explanation three times and I am still clueless. Thank you in advance.

  3. What prompted Mr Enderles brother to ask for a “tablet” anyway? I’ll bet he actually asked for an iPad and Mr E, like all poor journalists, rearranged the facts to suit his story.

    1. The reference to cannibalism would mean eating ones’ own kind, or species… and iPads and PCs aren’t of the same species. Nowhere in the DNA is it the same, so more likely I’d have used the term “prey,” such as “beginning to prey on the PC market.

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