Apple’s long-delayed white iPhone 4 thicker than black version

“After 10 months of delays, the white iPhone 4 has arrived, and at closer inspection it turns out it’s not only late, but also thicker than its black sibling,” Daniel Ionescu reports for PCWorld. “The difference is very small, 0.2 millimeters to be more precise, but it’s enough to give headaches to some users who would find their cases wouldn’t fit on the white iPhone 4.”

“The difference, from roughly 9.3mm thickness of the black iPhone to 9.5mm of the white model, doesn’t come from the steel frame of the device, but from the white glass part on the front of the device,” Ionescu reports. “Apple doesn’t list any difference in thickness on its website between the white and black iPhone 4.”

Ionescu reports, “Initial tests indicate that Apple’s bumper cases, and most cases that aren’t subject to depth will still fit the thicker white iPhone 4, but if you plan on buying a case for your shiny new white iPhone 4, it would be best to check if it fits first.”

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    1. It isn’t thicker. Phil Schiller says so.. and I can confirm, at least, with the sample I’ve looked at. Granted.. ive only seen two so far here at work, but I compared mine to my friends and it does not appear to be thicker at all. Even put them on a bench.. placed a flat object on both of them, and there was no noticeable difference.

    2. A few human hair thicknesses is what this clown is claiming. So his screwed up caliper reading combined with his need to stick it to Apple for hits on his article can very well account for the 0.2MM difference. My wife bought a white iPhone recently…typical iPhone 4 clam shell was installed w/o any trouble at all.

      just my $0.02

  1. “white iPhone 4 thicker than black version”… In this day and time, that can be construed as racist MDN! You should know better than that…

    Of course we all know it’s not the size that counts but what you do with it!

  2. Q1: Will it fit in the Otterbox Defender for iPhone 4?

    Q2: Why would you buy a white iPhone 4 if you were going to bury it in an Otterbox Defender?

    If I do decide to get the white iPhone 4 for the wife (contract on her 3G expires May 13), I’ll probably go with Ghost Armor or Invisible Shield or something that accentuates the vanilla awesomeness. And maybe an Apple bumper (she likes orange). Part of me wants to wait for the next gen iPhone, but the iPhone 4 is still an amazing device, and the 3G (great in its day) just frustrates her now. Slow and limited. WHAT TO DO?!?

    1. Whatever you do, DO NOT put Invisible Shield on a white iPhone. Here’s why…
      When I got my iPad, I put Ghost Armor on the screen. Super, I was happy, no problems, no complaints.
      When I got my iPhone 4, there was no GA booth around, so I got Invisible Sheild. Immediately, I noticed a slight yellow cast on my iPhone. It’s easy to see if I bring up the same image on both devices. For the iPhone, it wasn’t a huge deal for me because I do most things on the iPad anyway, but it still bugged me.
      Then I saw a friend’s white 3GS that she’d put Invisible Shield on, and it made the whole phone yellow. It was of course much more noticeable as it was on a white face.
      After time, it also got worse. So if you can, avoid Invisible Shield.

      1. And they say that Apple devotees are anally obsessed tools hyper focused on facts as mundane as color sheen. Now I know that there’s a grain of truth in that assertion.


        Relax, I’m just as anally obsessed as you over the look & feel of my Apple products and sheath them in protective coating at the earliest opportunity to preserve their shininess.

        PS. I was going to get a Mac mini but somehow got suckered into a MacBook Pro at the Apple Store – the shininess has an alluring quality that can’t be avoided, at any cost.

        1. I’m a photographer, and have been color correcting professionally for 16 years now. Maybe I’m overly sensitive.

          Next time you pick up a magazine, or anything that’s been printed, or look at any good image on the intertubes, you can thank anally obsessed people like me.

          1. Who do I thank for the non-professionally non-color-corrected images that I wouldn’t have known were wrong were they not pointed out to me?

          2. Chrissy, I was an advertising photographer for 15 years. I know and salute your pain and commitment. It’s people like you who get it right you’re why things look good. Namaste.

    2. From the OtterBox website:

      Not compatible with WHITE iPhone 4. Due to slight changes in the form factor for the white Apple iPhone 4 released this week, the OtterBox Defender Series, Commuter Series and Impact Series cases will not work with this new device.

    3. 1. Yes, the Otterbox Defender will fit the white phone. Mine fits perfectly.
      2. I keep my white phone in the Defender while I am working. I use a bumper when I am not working.

    1. It’s not that my hairs are particularly thick or thin, it’s the distance between them that’s starting to bug me.

      .008 inches. Such issues we have.

  3. I beg to differ, the white iPhome is not thicker

    I am at the Apple Store, Galeria, Roseville, I put my black iPhone up next ro the white iPhone, and they are exactly the same.

    So I don’t know where this FUD is coming from.

    1. I just did the same thing at an Apple Store about an hour ago. Both my wife and I could see the white one was thicker.
      It’s only about a ‘baby cat’ hair thicker but it is thicker.

  4. The white iPhone has a 0.1 mm lip on the white plastic surround which goes around the outer edge of the front and back glass. This lip is not present on the black iPhone.

    I would guess that this lip is a design change meant to protect the glass…

  5. Watch franken, schumer, markey and the repuke from Texas take apple to task over this. Of course the millions affected by Sony credit card fiasco are not worth their esteemed representatives time. Wonder which lobbyists have spread their dollars at these esteemed cretins offices.

  6. Ok after patiently waiting since day one of last year announcement, I just got a White baby at a local AT&T store half hour ago, it’s a beauty, a big upgrade from my 3G in terms of performance. Inclined to skip for iPhone 5… & was to wait to see if Radioshack gonna offer any trade-in like last time but 10 months has been too loooong already I guess… Now wilt try to shoot some photos & video & see any differences with a black one; I haven’t decided on a case yet, might forgo it altogether to showcase the pure/unique Apple color. And yes I’m a guy.

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