Jim Cramer: ‘Nothing wrong with Apple; patience will be rewarded.’

“With the Nasdaq set to adjust its weighting in the benchmark 100 stocks on May 2, traders have been paying particular attention to Apple, which will be most affected by the move,” Michelle Fox reports for CNBC.

“Mad Money host Jim Cramer said on Friday’s Stop Trading! that he thinks Apple has been ‘kept down by this rebalancing and that what is happening is the weight is being lifted,'” Fox reports. “Cramer added, ‘Apple’s cash position is bigger than almost all the companies in the world,’ and said he prefers Apple over Microsoft and Research in Motion.”

Cramer stated, “I’m saying that nothing’s wrong with Apple and that patience will be rewarded.”

Read more in the full article, which includes video, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Arline M.” for the heads up.]


    1. Maybe because he’s obviously right, and being right has about zero correlation with having a record. Any criminal can look up and tell you when the sun is shining.

      That said, what’d he do? Please enlighten those of us too lazy to Google…

        1. From your link:

          “The truth is, he’s a thug who perfected the concept of trading on privileged information…”

          Sounds like Cramer is more like a politician than a criminal.

            1. Thanks for clarifying my point. However, I was really referring to the double standard of insider trading being illegal (so I have heard). While some may consider Cramer a criminal because of insider trading (and other things perhaps), politicians are the ones that are most guilty of it (they change the laws and therefore have inside info before the rest of us).

    2. Check out Jim Cramer’s appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, where he is THIS CLOSE to tears while admitting that he is a criminal. The next day, all the corporate news channels completely ignored JIm Cramer’s appearance on The Daily Show (as if it never happened), because it would have been against their interests to highlight Cramer’s fraud. And amazingly, Jim Cramer still has a job.

  1. Can Mad Money man like Cramer be reformed??
    I say “yes” after his blunder bad calls on AAPL before! Each once in a while visit to his station, he sure talks a lot of positives on AAPL the last two years 🙂
    Is he OK now, dudes?

    Just Buy AAPL before it goes to $422 this December 2011!!!!

    1. Getting Howard Stern to switch to Mac was a long time in the making, especially with Jeff Shick of IBM working to smooth out is Windows problems. Now that Howard has seen the light, its funny to hear him spend 45 minutes talking about how great Mac, iPad and iPhone are.

  2. MDN and most of the posters here knew nothing’s wrong with Apple and that patience would be rewarded, way before Cramer. We don’t need that huckster’s advice.

  3. Well, Cramer was bearish on AAPL back when it was $80, coming up from $78. I said screw him and bought some @ 82 anyway.

    Gee, so now he figures it out. Any idiot could say AAPL is doing well, now. Thanks for nothing.

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