Samsung’s new Galaxy S phone shows few changes from model that prompted Apple lawsuit

“Samsung Electronics Co.’s second-generation Galaxy S phone, launched in its home country of South Korea Thursday, shows few apparent changes in appearance from the first-generation model that prompted a lawsuit by Apple Inc. last week,” Evan Ramstad reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“The new phone retains some of the icons that Apple alleges Samsung copied from it, such as a phone receiver against a green background that launches telephone functions and a gear wheel to reach settings,” Ramstad reports. “But a photo-app icon now resembles a camera rather than flower petals; Apple’s icon is a sunflower.”

Ramstad reports, “At a news conference, the chief of Samsung’s mobile-phone division, J.K. Shin, reiterated the company’s previous statements about the Apple lawsuit, saying Samsung would defend its patent rights and ‘protect its pride.’ …Separately, Mr. Shin said Samsung was on track to release a second version of its Galaxy Tab tablet computer in June. The first version, with a seven-inch screen, has sold at a rate of about 300,000 units a month since hitting store shelves in October, he said. Samsung aims to sell five times as many tablet computers with the new version, he said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Over the last six months, 1.8 million or so suckers wasted their cash on that piece-of-crap tiny-screened fake iPad? We had no idea. We’re going to have to up our annual gift amount to mentally handicapped organizations.

Oh, wait, this is Samsung, so maybe that’s just how many they shipped, not sold?

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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  1. “Oh, wait, this is Samsung, maybe that’s just how many they shipped, not sold?”

    Rather it’s the number they insisted their employees and families buy “to help the company save face”.

  2. I just found out our polk county schools (after extensive testing) chose the Dell Streak over the ipad as the only authorized tablet! To say this county is run by windows centric individuals would be an understatement! I am flabbergasted at that decision!

    1. WOW!, you know the Dell, Samsung and Motorola have made 0 headway in the enterprise with their tablets! Shocking that such a decision could be made!!! Really sorry to hear that.

      Government and School Districts will kow tow to Dell and HP, I’ve seen it time and time again. The “Saving Money” on purchase price and ignoring total cost of ownership is how they operate. No wonder our kids come out uneducated!!

  3. “1.8 million or so suckers”

    The article says they are “aiming”, so at this point it is only a hope that they can find 500% more suckers then they have so far.

  4. Samsung will turn this into a Korean cause celebre, and one about national pride. Just wait. There will be boycotts of Apple products in Korea. Samsung owns the media there.

    1. Who cares? Almost all countries, except the USA, prefer to buy things from their own country. We are truly the only country whose government and media do not provide a bias toward indigenous consumption.

      1. Samsung owns more than just the media they control the government too. That one of the reasons both the iphone and ipad were delayed. to give them time to make their copies and put them on sale before they allow apple to sell here. I don’t expect there to be a boycott on Apple products tons of people have apple mobile devices.

        But Macs don’t do well here because Korean sites rely exclusivly on freakin IE and active X. so If you don’t have an IE browser you can’t use korean sites which are crucial for a lot of things.

        Actually the US does provide some bias by means of Tariff on non-American products.

  5. Amazing. This reporter actually expected Samsung to make significant changes to a product released one week after a lawsuit was initially filed regarding trade dress allegations. Does this guy have no clue as to development time schedules? Does he really think any company is going to “stop the presses!” just because a lawsuit is slapped on them, especially one as nebulous as a trade dress lawsuit? Just amazing.

  6. One has to question whether Apple really needs to sue Samsung to stop their iDevice ripoffs. Samsung appear to be killing off their wannabe devices through FAIL quite nicely all on their own. 😆

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