Long lines greet Apple’s iPad 2 and white iPhone 4 debut in Japan (with video)

Here’s what the line for Apple’s iPad 2 and the new white iPhone 4 looked like outside Apple Store Ginza in Tokyo, Japan on April 28, 2011:

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “jim” for the heads up.]


    1. Well, these don’t tell the full story, though. Although iPhones and iPods are common here, they’re nowhere NEAR as ubiquitous as in the States. Japanese brand flip phones are still everywhere. And the selection is pretty amazing.

      You have to remember, that lining up is practically a sport in Japan.

  1. Are they sure that was the line for the Apple Store and not the new BOGO sushi bar they opened next door to it.

    Hey, how come nobody tried to cut in line? Oh, wait! This is in Japan, not the U.S.

  2. That was one monster of a line. I must have been incredibly luck yesterday afternoon when I dropped by the Shibuya Apple Store at around 1:40 and walked out 18 minutes later with both a 16GB and a 32GB iPad 2 (I’m certain of the time because of the texts between my wife and me).

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