16 tips to make you an iPhone master

“The iPhone has been around for nearly four years. And in that time, millions of people have bought and used iPhones, swiping and tapping their way through life. Most of those people believe they know how the iPhone works,” Sam Grobart reports for The New York Times. “But dig a little deeper into the iPhone’s latest operating system, iOS 4.3 — available for the iPhone 3GS and the AT&T iPhone 4 — and there’s another layer to master.”

Grobart reports, “Beyond the realm of those basic iPhone controls is an advanced level of shortcuts and tweaks, some of which even hard-core users may not know exist.”

16 tips to make you an iPhone master:
• Double-Tap
• Voice Access
• Tell Time
• Shortcut To Search
• Force-Quit Apps
• Music Shortcuts
• Volume Lock
• Save Web Images
• Find Words
• Multiple Keyboards
• Accent Marks
• Quick Erase
• Wi-Fi Aloft
• Screen Grab
• Forward And Rewind
• Restart

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Ellis D.” for the heads up.]


  1. My favorites are Accent Marks by holding a letter and Quick Erase by shaking. These also work on the iPad though one should be careful with the quick erase and Pages.

  2. Useless information: use Tell Time. Really? Holding the home button down for a couple seconds until Voice Access comes up takes longer than just looking at the screen. Or if it’s too small to read, just lock it and bring up the unlock screen. The time and date are always there.
    And I really don’t think it’s a good idea to be telling people to do s hard reset once in awhile. That’s akin to pulling the power cord from your computer. Just turn it off and back on. Only reset if it’s having trouble.

  3. Having an iPad with wi-fi only, I especially like to use screen grab after finding a map location I need. Then I go to the Photo app and use the capture to get where I’m going.

  4. I liked finding about “What time is it?” Sometimes I do want to know the time and not take my eyes off what I’m doing. My iPhone is on the console in my car and to just press and hold to find the time is convenient.

    It may also portend more voice control in other areas of iOS which might be more beneficial to you b

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