Apple may fill iPhone 5 vacuum with new Macs, white iPhone 4

“Apple may be changing its usual iPhone update schedule to the fall, instead of a pre-summer launch in June/July — the news has popped up multiple times, and a source familiar with Apple’s plans has also confirmed it with Fast Company… Hence Apple seems to be ready to release a barrage of new hardware, including the white version of the iPhone 4, to keep everyone’s pro-Apple sentiment topped up,” Fast Company reports.

“Apple’s supply of iMacs in stores is dwindling and not being refreshed. This tallies with rumors the iMac line is getting a refresh next week, probably bringing Intel’s latest and greatest Sandy Bridge chips with it, as well as Apple’s new speedy interconnect protocol Thunderbolt,” Fast Company reports. “Will the devices also get a design overhaul? They’re a little long in the tooth now. Maybe Apple will further reduce the iMac’s signature ‘chin’ and skinny-up the chassis a little.”

“The next revision of the MacBook Pro is now rumored to include a ‘milestone’ redesign. This tallies with our suspicions right at the start of the year,” Fast Company reports. “We think Apple will again take design cues from the MacBook Air, giving the new Pro’s a skinnier, tapered frame and possibly ditching the optical drive and hard drives (though they may remain as an option, for big-storage users).”

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  1. I still think the iPhone 4S or 5 is coming in the same Summer timeframe. Why? Apple has contractual commitments for components that it orders up to 5 months ahead. The amount it has on its books at the end of March was $11B. That means, it has ordered $11B worth of components in the April to August period.

    If one were not expecting a new iPhone in the next 5 months, then why did this amount increase over $3B from this past quarter’s $7.9B? That increase is 2 to 3x more than one would expect if Apple were delaying the launch of the next iPhone.

    1. Could it be the worldwide release of the white iPhone and or the introduction of a T-Mobile iPhone announcement later this summer? Just an alternative reason for your observation of the money Apple has spent on parts commitments.

  2. Or the rumours are false and Apple will present iPhone 5 (or however it will be called) just in time.

    White iPhone 4 was just an exercise in production/manufacture engineering to make every stage work as intended. Apple will sell millions of white iPhone 4 in the coming two months and then will update the phone anyway (the new phone may end-up having exactly the same face panel, a la iPhone 4s, so white panels will be useful).

    And, if so, the rumour of shifted iPhone 5 presentation will help Apple to sell more phones this quarter and still get timely update.

    There is no reason why it would be hard for Apple to update the SoC to A5, and cameras at least in late June/early July.

  3. I think this is all Apple generated leaks to keep everyone guessing and not to freeze the sales of current iPhones. As for the 10 months delay on the white iPhone, I have no problem with Apple getting it just the way they wanted. Whatever glitch they ran into was certainly serious or they wouldn’t have had to delay so long.

    I expect the new iPhone will be available in both colours sometime this summer.

  4. So when will these “supposed” new MacBook Pros be coming out??? I’ll be buying a new one next month and would be royally peeved to have them revised shortly after I buy one.

      1. Well, Truth, it happened when I bought my original TiBook 667 back in 2002 and I’d rather it not happen again. Of course I was the Prodigal Mac Son and had just returned to the fold and didn’t know about all the rumor sites and jumped on it a month before a refresh to the 667DVI and 800.

    1. I bought my (first ever) iMac in 2004. There have been many newer models since then. I’ve kept up with upgrading the OS as each time, Apple released new OS at a very affordable amount. This time, my iMac may not be powerful enough for the Lion, and as badly as I would love a newer and fresher iMac, I am proud mine has never let me down in all these years. I never felt like my iMac was outdated like back in the PC days. To this day it purrs! Fact is I know when the day comes to replace it, that future model will be outdated once I have it plugged in. But thats okay, its still a mac, and I’m confident it too will be a great investment. So Angelus, hang in there! I know you plan to buy a new MacBook soon, its worth waiting for the refresh and you know you’ll thank yourself for waiting a little longer for the new models 🙂

  5. The 27″ iMac already has a bigger screen than the televisions from my youth. As Apple continues refining the iMac (larger, HD aspect ratio, thinner, etc.) it comes closer and closer to looking like a “genius TV.” If you want just a “smart TV”, Apple could merge the current generation AppleTV with a display.

    I am not saying that Apple is going into the TV business. I have been a doubter of those rumors for a long while. But all of the pieces are in place…it does make me wonder.

  6. iPhone 5 and 5s will not be out till late august early sept. Mark my words. We were just at the fox con factory last week.
    Anyway this is what was said while we were there. There is also another product launch coming sooner then the iPhone 5.

  7. Amazing how all these journalists/bloggers (who, by the way, mostly get their predictions wrong) always have a “friend” who is “familiar” with Apple’s plans.

    Seems to me that Apple keeps it plans a very close secret. How do all these “friends” keep popping up? Shouldn’t Steve Jobs have “assisted” these friends at not being familiar with Apple’s plans by now?

    Or maybe that’s part of Apple’s “plans” for this year: FUD that no iPhone 5 is coming, then spring it on everyone. That would make sense given the iPhone 4’s grand leaks.

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