64 GB white iPhone running never-before-seen iOS 4 version with Exposé, new folder system, more (with video)

“Remember the second people to bring the world legit photos of the iPhone 4? How about a mid-year MacBook refresh and an iPod touch camera prototype? Well, they (Tinhte) are back and they’re back with a white iPhone 4,” Mark Gurman reports for 9 to 5 Mac.

“It’s not any white iPhone 4, see, it runs a never before seen version of iOS 4,” Gurman reports. “From the looks of things, iOS 4 could have lost the Spotlight search menu from the iOS 3 days and the iOS 4 multitasking instead could have been an Expose multitasking page with a Spotlight menu at the top of the display. Really cool stuff happening here.”

Read more in the full article — including info about Facebook integration, included apps, and the device’s hardware — here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Tommas” for the heads up.]


  1. First thought that came to mind… Jailbroken.
    The white case you can buy for a black iPhone anyway.
    Nothing in the video shows 64gb tbh.

    I could br wrong, but jailbroken just pops out at me.

  2. The phone is a fraud. Look at the home button, now look at yours (if you have an iPhone 4 obv). Dunno about the OS, but it looks about as efficient as I thought Expose would be in iOS, which is to say: not very.


  3. and………. Jailbroken.


    I knew i smelt a jailbreak.
    its called Multiflow.

    and yes, the video here is ANNOYING… so turn off your sound.

    And if the article is not using multiflow, its probably a similar version. I just searched for “jailbroken expose” and found out about it. i found some longer vids on it also, the go more in depth with it but annoying commentary with it.

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