RUMOR: Makers postpone Android 3.0 tablets amid consumer indifference, AppLack, pricing concerns

“More players have apparently decided to postpone the launch of tablet PCs due to concerns of the prospects of the industry and the possible shortage of key components caused by the Japan earthquakes, according to industry sources,” Monica Chen, Yenting Chen, and Steve Shen report for DigiTimes.

“Sales of Xoom tablet PCs have been lower than expected, said sources at Taiwan’s notebook makers, citing brand image, pricing, insufficient applications and the unstable performance of Android 3.0 as reasons for the doldrums,” Chen, Chen, and Shen report. “With Google unable to offer sufficient support to cooperation partners at present, many players have decided to delay the launch of Android 3.0 tablet PCs, the sources added.”

Chen, Chen, and Shen report, “Asustek Computer reportedly has postponed the launch dates of its Android 3.0 16GB and 32GB Eee Pad Transformer tablets… [and] HTC has also intended to postpone the date set for volume production of its Flyer tablet PCs…”

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MacDailyNews Take: Bloodbath.


  1. I have been saying all along in these comments that the myth of Android owning more market share is based on the myth of Android. There is no Android. There is Moto, Samsung, Asus, Lenovo, Toshiba, etc. Whatever Android donates to them as an underpinning, (awful as it really is) is just that, the underpinning of an OS. If this is the measure of market share, that Android is the sous chef software to all of these variations, measure the variations web share and compare each to iOS, or look at OSX as the underpinning of iOS and measure Macs, iPhones, iPads, iPod touches, Apple TVs to Android. The picture becomes quite a different one regarding meaningless market share. Google is making nada on Android. Apple is cleaning up on OSX/iOS. Android phone profit margins are thin and will get thinner as “market share” builds. Apple will just skim the profit. We don’t look at WebKit Market share of browsers, why “Android” market share of mobile OS? All of this smells of headlines, market manipulation, false competition. We comment upon it and Apple doesn’t give a Rat’s Ass. They make the money. Wall Street bandits use this to manipulate prices, but the steamroller rolls over them, eventually, as well. The iPad is the revolutionary and magical device Steve Jobs touted it to be. Microsoft down, Google down, today Apple (the beneficiary of the fall of those two) is down. What crap. In the end when the competition catches up, Apple will be somewhere else, with their “walled garden” selling tickets for admission and the public eager to spend their dollars for hardware/software/ecosystem/innovation/magic

    1. Well said.

      Though I do believe that Google is seeing (at least) income because of Android, through the ads they are able to host on maps, gmail, etc. Not to mention being the (generally) default search engine on android.

      Otherwise, spot-on. Great contribution to the thread.

      1. But Google is the default search engine on iPhones, iPod touches and iPads as well. All Google did was piss Apple off (and a lot of Apple faithful), and waste resources developing Android when it should have worked harder to integrate with the iPhone and get used in more ways. After all, iPhone users are far more likely to make purchases from ads than Android users.

    2. I’m with you Michael!

      Just bought my 77 year old mom an iPad 2 and she loves it! Guess I’ll have to pay someone to pickup the shitty-Toshiba she used 3 times in the last 4 years.

      This is what makes it revolutionary, elder people can join the digital age without fear of mistakes, error, messages and viruses. It just works, is intuitive and fun

  2. Google’s new philosophy (as shown by execs recent comments after earnings that they like iPhone) ?
    ” the g#d d@mn OEMS want to load Bing, yahoo and Baidu on Android devices. Better let iOS thrive, be nice to S.Jobs and let Google be iOS default.”

    (Google is also now withholding Honeycomb builds except to ‘select’ manufacturers. Guess they don’t want it be hijacked to become ‘Baidu Machines’ like chinese Android phones )

    that gives some context to the OEMS complaint: “With Google unable to offer sufficient support to cooperation partners at present,”
    Larry Page ; “sh@t you want us to cooperate so you can load Baidu on it?”

    Android is giving Google a lot of headaches and not a lot of money: less than a billion a year vs 50 billion or more for apple mobile.

  3. Well I don’t blame a manufacturer for waiting on HoneyComb.

    I look at it this way, Android was never intended to run on a tablet to begin with.

    Google had 2 operating systems going and they were intended for 2 different purposes.

    You had Android for Mobile phones, and it was not until 2.2 Froyo and 2.3 Gingerbread that it really hit a stride and become a solid contender.

    Then there was Chrome, which was more of an experimental OS. I think eventually Google planned to use Chrome to invade the desktop and hand MS their own @ss.

    So you have some manufacturers who wanted to jump on the “tablet craze” and Android was available. They slammed it on some tablets and shipped it.

    This put Google in a position of re-evaluating things.

    Realizing that the ‘home desktop’ might well change in the next few years (i.e: become much smaller) they were not sure where to go with Chrome and then they had the issue of companies already shipping Android on tablets.

    So they decide to make a tablet optimized version of Android. Awesome except they only now shipped the first version and the apps are not there. Add to that but its basically V1 of “Android for tablets” so I don’t expect it to be ready for prime time.

    I would not expect Android to be a solid Tablet OS until at least the next release or possibly the one after that. If it follows the same road that Android took to becoming a strong mobile OS on phones.

    Chrome? Man that may never see the light of day outside of google as far as mainstream usage goes.

    I’d love to have an Android tablet that ran apps that took advantage of the resolution and were feature complete. That would rock as I love Android on my phone.

    However I’m going to wait a year or two and see what comes to market and in the meantime I have no regrets about my soon to be purchase of the best ‘tablet’ out there right now… the iPad…

    1. The thing is that Google, just like everybody else is attempting to emulate Apple. Here is the catch. You can only copy what Apple already did. With the iPad, it caught everybody off guard. The initial sentiment was that it would fail. Guess what, it did not and it rocks and nobody can do anything to compete.

  4. AT LAST! A few companies got the clue that Android and cruddy hardware design ≠ profits. They equal losses.

    Sorry you’re ticked off at Apple for creating the market, but Apple created the market! Sorry you can’t come up with comparable hardware and software, but you can’t come up with comparable hardware and software!

    Apple rules the market until such time as you can come up with something that actually COMPETES with Apple! Get to it! Competition is great!

  5. Oh and Google!

    You HAVE to provide app security! There is no way around it! This is the 21st century! No security = no buy it! No one wants Trojan horse apps on their Android device? GET IT?!

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