RUMOR: Makers postpone Android 3.0 tablets amid consumer indifference, AppLack, pricing concerns

“More players have apparently decided to postpone the launch of tablet PCs due to concerns of the prospects of the industry and the possible shortage of key components caused by the Japan earthquakes, according to industry sources,” Monica Chen, Yenting Chen, and Steve Shen report for DigiTimes.

“Sales of Xoom tablet PCs have been lower than expected, said sources at Taiwan’s notebook makers, citing brand image, pricing, insufficient applications and the unstable performance of Android 3.0 as reasons for the doldrums,” Chen, Chen, and Shen report. “With Google unable to offer sufficient support to cooperation partners at present, many players have decided to delay the launch of Android 3.0 tablet PCs, the sources added.”

Chen, Chen, and Shen report, “Asustek Computer reportedly has postponed the launch dates of its Android 3.0 16GB and 32GB Eee Pad Transformer tablets… [and] HTC has also intended to postpone the date set for volume production of its Flyer tablet PCs…”

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MacDailyNews Take: Bloodbath.


    1. My sister in law is one of those. Will cite the lack of a SD card slot as one of the reasons. She did consider an iPhone recently and I found her a SD carder reader adaptor that would work for her. But my guess is that she went for an android phone.
      She bought my wife a Sony E-reader book. Piece of crap. Couldn’t read it in the dark because there is no backlight and took forever to get it to charge because the USB would register properly.

    2. apparently not many are. that’s the problem. they are not buying netbooks either. the measurement of success in this NEW post-PC market cannot be based on the metrics of the old-PC market. things like marketshare and partner slathering are less relevant and sometimes downright misleading. scale and margins have been redefined by apple unfettered by anyone else’s definitions or lack of imagination.

      it must be real karma for SJ to watch all these former competitors become leg weary skating to where the puck was. this is what all the old-PC companies are doing. it will take someone who is not them to challenge apple. what makes apple the leader today is they haven’t thought and acted like an old-PC company for at least 10 years.

      apple has figured out that the way you stop worrying about other people copying your success is to never rest and let them copying your current generation -2. that is what is happening with the tablet market.

  1. Gee, what a surprise! MDN and the Mac people on this forum anticipated this very outcome a long time ago. Don’t count your vapor tablets until they sell.

    Android-based tablets may very well end up being viable competitor to the iOS iPad(?) at some point in the future. After all, they have had the blueprint for success since the original iPhone was released. But it seems clear that we have not yet reached that point. iOS rules!

    1. I think you’re actually going to see much better competition from HP and webOS than from Android. Google just can’t get its act together. When you’ve never released a product from beta, it’s hard to put together a good OS.

      1. Integrated (control both the hardware and software) vs. modular (different companies do the hardware and the software) is an issue that Horace Dediu at asymco. com has discussed repeatedly.

        Those who control both like Apple are the more likely to win. So that includes HPalm and maybe even RIM if they ever get it together. It might have applied to Nokia, but now that they’ve joined up with MS, they are more likely to fail.

  2. any announcement about a future product is staged by the WS SHYSTERS in their relentlessmanipulation of apple stock. The competition get a weird sense of contentment by the fact that they helped bring down apple’s market value by a couple billion. The boys from Nebraska are doing high-fives shorting the long derivatives of apple.

    I will not be surprised if the cretin from GS ups his projectionsinthe days before earnings announcement.

  3. “… due to concerns of the prospects… and the possible shortage of key components caused by the Japan earthquake”…

    LMAO… I would love to be a fly on the wall in the Motorola boardroom as the head-up-their-arse execs are trying to explain how they are getting whooped by the Apple. At this point, it would have been better for Motorola if their manufacturing plant for the Xoom had been at the epicenter of the quake. At least then, their excuses might have a small grain of validity!!

    1. That would be a great trademark! Then Apple could simply use the famous AFLAC (the insurance company) duck to make hilarious commercials poking fun at their “appless” competitors.

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