JP Morgan ups AAPL estimates based on Mac, iPhone

“JP Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz has raised his estimates for Apple’s second fiscal quarter, for instance boosting revenue from $23.83 billion to $24.42 billion,” iPodNN reports. “EPS has been bumped from $5.21 to $5.39. One of the primary drivers of the change is the iPhone, which Moskowitz now expects to show sales of 18.4 million units instead of 16.6 million.”

“Moskowitz is simultaneously lowering his Q2 iPad estimates from 6 to 5.4 million,” iPodNN reports. “The iPad 2 launch may have caused a ‘temporary stall-out’ in shipments, he argues, although this would have been ‘timing related and not structural.’ A overall 2011 forecast has in fact been raised from 29.1 million units to 31.3 million.”

iPodNN reports, “Mac numbers for Q2 have been adjusted upwards from 3.85 to 3.89 million, the latter of which would represent a 32 percent growth year-over-year.”

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  1. It’s interesting that Apple never announced when they reached 1M iPad2 sales. Maybe for them that is not so impressive anymore. We’ll know the numbers soon enough. Shipping is still 2-3 weeks on the Apple Store so the demand must be high.

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