iPhone 5 will be the real test of Apple’s strength on Verizon

“How much of an effect has the February debut of the long-awaited Verizon iPhone had on Apple’s bottom line?” John Paczkowski wonders for AllThingsD.

“We won’t know for certain until Apple reports its fiscal second-quarter earnings Wednesday, but… Of course, Verizon didn’t launch the iPhone into a market with a vast untapped demand for it,” Paczkowski writes. “In reality, anyone who absolutely had to have an iPhone bought it from AT&T. And anyone who refused to leave Verizon to do so likely pre-ordered it from the carrier as soon as they were able to. Verizon Wireless CEO Daniel Mead told The Wall Street Journal that 60 percent of the company’s iPhone sales had been online.”

Paczkowski writes, “Viewed that way, the Verizon iPhone launch wasn’t a “real” iPhone launch. That will happen with the iPhone 5.”

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  1. The more important reason was that the iPhone 4 was already within 6 months of being obsolete, with the hope that the iPhone 5 would be 4G compatible and allow data & voice transmissions to be done simultaneously. Why not wait a little longer?

  2. Verizons 4G LTE is a marketing gimmick. First of all it doesn’t conform to the true 4G standard. Second it’s only available in 35 cities at best. You’ll pay more to Verizon for half built system and the radio kills battery life. Apple won’t release a 4G IPhone until it’s a true standard and both AT&T and Verizon have built it out more. By the way the IPhone 4 is 4G LTE radio compliant, just not turned on.

  3. Each iPhone has been great. If you let yourself be drawn into future product lust, then you will never be satisfied with what you have. My 2007 iMac is still doing great, just needs some more disk space. It is hard to believe that it is 3-1/2 years old. That’s an eternity for most consumer electronics, but I have always gotten at least double that from Apple computers. Still have an old 12″ Powerbook G4, too. It’s around 6 years old and, I have to admit, getting pretty long in the tooth even with Mac OS X 10.5 installed. Full disclosure – I have replaced the battery and the HDD last year.

  4. What the article overlooks is that the Verizon Worthless fanboys who had to have the iPhone already have it in the iPhone 4 and are under contract. Sales of the iPhone 5 are going to come from Android converts and new customers. The impact of the iPhone 5 is not going to be nowhere as big as this imbecile has made it out to be.

  5. Tests that have been done the data on the AT&T phone is much faster! They both have their ups and downs!

    I used to have a lot of dropped calls on AT&T but now it’s actually a lot better than it was! My data is really fast and the tethering I can do now works great with my ipad 2!

    I just think Apple wanted another market to put the iphone on and test the waters if you will!!

    The ability for me to do data and call is a big deal breaker for me as I use it quite a bit especially if I am on hold and it will be a long time I can surf the net or update facebook or what not you CANNOT do that on the Verizon phone at all!!

    I think Apple will see that people really want good data on the next iphone and the company that delivers will be the one!

    Also if the deal with T-Mobile and AT&T goes through they will be the LARGEST carrier and those T-mobile people can be iphone converts!!

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