The way Apple’s iTunes changed music, Warner Brothers’ new ‘Digital Everywhere’ aims change movies

“The way iTunes changed music, Warner Brothers wants to change movies,” Julia Boorstin reports for CNBC. “Today the studio gave me an exclusive look at an entertainment app it’s been working on for years – the ultimate destination for people to buy *all* digital movies, not just Warner Brothers’. It’s an app code-named ‘Digital Everywhere,’ and it’s set to launch this summer.”

“‘Digital Everywhere’ isn’t a retailer like iTunes, but rather it gathers all the various ways movies can be bought or rented,” Boorstin reports. “It also organizes an individual’s entire library of digital movies and TV shows – not just Warner brothers. And it will consumers to access their library from any internet-connected device – a TV, laptop, iPad or smartphone – through a cloud authentication system, called UltraViolet, that will be released this summer from a studio consortium.”

Boorstin reports, “Warner Brothers goal is to push consumers to buy instead of rent. The studio’s looking to change the proposition of ownership, making owning a digital file more valuable than it is now, when it’s stuck on the device where you bought it, and more valuable than owning a DVD, since you don’t have to cart it around with you.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Ellis D.” for the heads up.]


  1. Yes, and not only that, but all those content providers will be able to keep track of all of the videos on your computer, and help you delete the ones that have not been legally downloaded! No extra charge!

  2. These Hollywood executives will never get it. They are driven only by GREED, GREED, GREED… and never what is best for the consumers.

    THAT is why iTunes succeeded… because it was best for consumers, and consumers recognized that.

  3. So they want to create a online service that u will trust with all your various logins to different services u get rent and buy media.

    Good luck with that, they sure never get mine.

  4. If it works it sounds like a great idea.

    Almost like a hub for different distributors of media.

    Can’t say that I blame the studios for not wanting their distribution solely in the hands of one company, although I’m sure they would prefer if they themselves controlled it as the lone source.

  5. If Warner (and Uni, and Sony, etc) approach this with their existing business mindset (and it is impossible to imagine why they would suddenly change the mindset), it will have massive, onerous DRM shackles, it will cost way too much and it will present myriad of confusing choices to the consumers. Either one of these three alone would be more than enough to make it a complete non-starter; all three together….

  6. That’s silly- why on Earth would Apple allow another iTunes onto their iPad? Good luck with that Warner Bros. When will these dinosaurs get it: the meteor has already hit them and they’re already extinct??

  7. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend….”

    Two VERY BIG things remain to be seen:
    1) Can Warner Brothers develop compelling software?
    2) How long can Warner hold together an “alliance” of their competitors?

    1. Exactly. And you’re not alone. Warner Brothers can’t encourage people to do something they’re just not interested in doing just with a piece of software.

      And forgive me if I’m not too hopeful about a piece of software from a movie company being anything short of a piece of crap.


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