Apple iPad 3 unlikely to appear until 2012, say component makers

“The IT market has recently seen rumors that Apple is preparing to adopt AMOLED panel or Full HD resolution support into its new iPad, while the company reportedly will launch its next generation iPad 3 in the third quarter of 2011; however, upstream component makers pointed out that the iPad 3 rumor may just be wishful thinking and misreporting,” Yenting Chen and Joseph Tsai report for DigiTimes.

“Sources from touch panel makers pointed out that Apple recently released its latest tablet PC plan and is asking the panel makers to provide products that are capable to support higher image quality than the current iPad 2 and Apple may even choose AMOLED panel or panel that support Full HD standard to accomplish the plan,” Chen and Tsai report. “However, since the project is still at the initial planning stage, the actual products are unlikely to appear in 2011.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


    1. The FUD thickens. They have run out of crap to push Apple’s stock price down and the come up with this sad attempt to use the word “unlikely” or something to make it sound like Apple is missing the mark. Sell sell sell. Yet, everywhere you hear that company sales have been CRUSHED by Apple. They have been pushing Apple’s stock down every day for more than 2 weeks. Today, it is pushing back up as people start buying back in!

    2. Yes, but we’re talking rumor cycles here, a very real product itself if you happen to run a hedge fund. The Apple rumor product cycle duration is measured not so much in units of time, as it is the amount of price manipulation of AAPL stock. Another measure of the rumor cycle might be human tolerances of fear and greed, or gallons of sweat perhaps.

  1. By the time 2012 rolls around there won’t be much need for iPad 3 or 4 or 5 or tablets for that matter. We’d be swallowed up by the Mayan apocalypse.

    Unless of course Steve Jobs and his team manages to crack the Mayan code written in hieroglyphics on the Mayan tablet.

    That’ll be like using an Apple iPad to crack the secrets of the Mayan iPad.

  2. I hope this rumor of a 2012 intro of IPAD3 is incorrect. If AAPL had put a high definition screen or something like the Retina on the IPAD2 it would have put them at least 2 years ahead of everybody and not only would they dominate thge tablet and mobile market until 2015 but they would do it with 85% TO 90% market share.

    It appears they have the technology but for strategic reasons they want to spring it on the market at a later date. Let’s hope it is
    this fall in time for the Holiday shopping season.

    1. The value of keeping the current price points far outweighs any market share benefits the iPad would have gained from adding a Retina display. Those displays at the iPad size are very expensive.

  3. Still more games from WS to cover stock manipulation by the market makers. They are hoping too that it might catch on with main street and stop the juggernaut. Flummoxed, flumoxed I say.

  4. Don’t be fooled by Apple’s recent iPhone upgrade cycle. They hate externally-forced releases, which is partly why they exited the January MacWorld Expo. Expect the iPhone 5 in September (it’s the only date that makes sense, at this point), even if it gets announced this summer (which I doubt will happen at the Expo in June – too soon after the Verizon iPhone release).

    The iPad 3 won’t likely happen until next spring. Too much momentum (and not enough competition) between now and the holiday buying season.

    1. Uh, why is September the only date that makes sense? The Verizon iPhone is nothing more than an iPhone 4 with a CDMA radio instead of a GSM radio. Not that complicated to build, and certainly not a reason why the iPhone 5 can’t be released in June.

  5. Gee guys, really? I’m SOOO surprised that Apple would actually follow its normal one-year refresh/remodel cycle for mobile devices! Thanks for keeping me informed!

  6. Why would Apple release another iPad within six months of the current iPad, when the competition can’t even match the original iPad from 2010? If Apple had decided to continue selling iPad 1.0 for another year, it would still destroyed the competition. A lot of the big-name “competition” (such as RIM and HP) have not even release their first-gen products yet.

    Let’s see… We’ll make up a rumor saying Apple plans another iPad release in 2011, then we’ll make up another rumor saying Apple is “delaying” it until 2012.

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