Best Buy forces customer to buy service plan to get an iPad 2 out of storage

“We’re hearing a few interesting things about Best Buy these days, especially when it comes to selling iPads,” John Biggs reports for CrunchGear.

“While many of these are isolated incidents, they all point to a general nastiness on the part of Best Buy employees and management who know a good thing when they see one,” Biggs reports.

Biggs reports,” First we have Best Buy employees holding back iPads 2 during periods of high demand and now we have managers essentially blackmailing customers into paying for service plans before they’re allowed to touch available stock.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Just the other day, a MacDailyNews reader told us of having to wait for over half an hour just to be allowed the chance to buy an iPod nano (locked in a case) after being passed off by four Best Buy employees. The customer just stood by the case, waiting, for over 30 minutes! When finally approached by an employee willing to help the customer, they asked to speak to the manager who subsequently told the customer “we’re busy,” without apology. This was midday and the store barely had any customers in in. Needless to say, the customer left that Best Buy and purchased their nano at a nearby Target. Do you have any stories about Best Buy service or lack thereof? If so, let us know. Thanks.


  1. My Best Buy service story:
    I went into a Best Buy last May, asked the first sales person I saw for an iPad, had it in my hand in about 5 minutes, bought it and left the store.

  2. If you’re ever pushed in to buying the extended warranty from BestBuy, there are a couple of things you can do:
    1) Talk to the store manager and ask if they are allowed to have tie in sales with the warranty.
    2) If you really have to buy it, buy it, return it the next day, or at another store. The warranty is like any other product. It can be returned. (something they avoid telling you)

    1. And in some states, illegal to do what they did.
      I’d say sure to the warranty. Get up to the counter with it and say “I changed my mind about the warranty”

      Then again… I’d go to the apple store, not BB.

  3. I’ve been hearing stories like this about Best Buy for years. Having been a BB customer in the past, I don’t doubt there’s some truth to them. Service plans are their bread and butter. They try to force them on you at every turn.

  4. There are some good Best Buy employees, but I tend to avoid the store. In some ways it reminds me of the now defunct CompUSA. As an Apple customer, I never really felt welcome and comfortable in that store and the displays were often in sad (non-functioning) shape and often way out of date. I also dislike the checkout process.

      1. Sorry, Bob. The CompUSA near my home in SE Houston went out of business years ago. I mistakenly assumed that the whole chain went under since that one was located in a pretty good retail area.

        I am glad that you have a better opinion of CompUSA under Tiger ownership. I stand by my assessment of the (former) CompUSAs in Houston, which did not provide a very good shopping experience in general, and especially not for Mac users.

  5. I went to BestBuy to get an iPad 2 the night after launch and was told by two BB employees that they sold out “hours before.” Finally, a BB employee told me to go talk to the Geek Squad and I asked the guy there and he told me that they were out of stock. Then, when I told him that I had looked at their store inventory online AND talked to someone over the phone merely 30 minutes earlier and the lady said that they had a “limited” supply of iPad 2’s still in stock, all of a sudden the Geek Squad rep finally “remembered” that they had some black 64 GB VZ iPad 2’s locked up in the back! I bought it and left happy but I couldn’t help but feel like they really didn’t want to sell those few remaining iPad 2’s. Very strange behavior indeed Best Buy…

    1. Makes you wonder if they are auctioning them off on eBay at a profit? They wouldn’t be the first employees to hoard a highly coveted item that is selling outside of the retail environment for higher than the MSRP.

  6. Let’s be realistic! You don’t go to Bestbuy for good service or bright retail sales help, you go to BestBuy for PRICE. And with Apple products, they don’t offer a better price – So why go to BestBuy for Apple products unless you have no other alternative. They are understaffed and uneducated.

  7. I tend to notice that Best Buy employees are non informative bobbleheads with no clue on what their products can do. Asking questions on tech is more miss than a hit. Also have noticed them luring customers to crappy tech. Sometimes I have found myself helping the customers out from the damage after hearing the BestBuy disinfo and these customers have been appreciative. lol… I’ve also noticed the need to correct BestBuy employees when they tried their disinfo tactics on me when it came to Apple products. Seems more often than not like BestBuy employess don’t appreciate when I correct/teach them about the stuff they’re selling.

    “Macs can’t do *fill in the blank*” hehehe! Let me help you ya bobblehead PC drone aka BestBuy employee!

    (It’s best to get your product information beforehand via the internet before going into a BestBuy because the employees really don’t know much about what they’re selling. With some of their employees that not the case but most often it is.)

  8. Last time I was in a Best Buy I bought 2 HDMI cables. They tried to sell me a service plan with them. The service plan was more than the price of a HDMI cable.

    How can a HDMI cable malfunction?

        1. Second that.

          I ordered a really unique cable and was sent the wrong one due to mislabeling from the mfg. They worked with me to get the correct cable and sent a new one right away, no waiting. From my few experiences good folk.

      1. Anonymous @silverhawk1 sez: “I’ve used HDMI cables from this company…. They are inexpensive.”

        Compared to what? The HDMI cables at my local Best Buy start at higher than $50. When I got a load of that price gouging I instead walked over to the Apple Store and bought one for $20, with no problems. You can get HDMI cables online for $9 or even less.

        Price gouging: Another reason brick and mortar stores FAIL.

    1. I bought an HDMI cable at Best Buy and it was 29.00, less expensive than any other physical store I went to, including the Office stores. I also got a very good deal for an HDMI monitor. The reality for my area is that Best Buy is the last remaining spot for tech and electronics, CompUSA, Circuit City, Ultimate all gone. I personally don’t prefer to shop online…I like browsing the items, getting ideas, reading the box, asking questions. Some of the salespeople are helpful and knowledgeable. It seems that they are short-staffed and stressed after the recession and the increased competition from online retailers. I would rather pay them $5 or10 more than Amazon to keep the jobs in my area and keep the store viable because its presence has value for me. I just hope then can improve their customer service policies.

      1. I know I do that.
        I do buy from them from time to time, my first mbp before the apple store came to town.
        And my iPad 1 for $300 😉 ( long story)
        Or stuff on sale, that is actually on sale… I love seeing a $39.99 price tag on a blu ray, and “on sale” for $29.99 lol. Go to amazon and grab it for $15-20 (less sometimes)

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