Microsoft’s ‘Windows App Store’ images leak, look suspiciously like Apple’s Mac App Store

“Images of the new Windows App Store have emerged, showing similar functionality to not only Apple’s App Store, but also the Ubuntu Download Center,” Zack Whittaker reports for ZDNet.

“It suggests one will be able to download a vast number of applications, ranging from games to office applications,” Whittaker reports. “With applications available like Opera and Angry Birds, it’s clear that Microsoft are following suit with other content providers by opening up to third-party applications.”

Whittaker reports, “Since Apple released the Mac App Store, Microsoft has been fighting to get the application store ready for users in time. However, considering Apple’s move to sue Amazon for the use of the name ‘App Store,’ Microsoft could also be in hot water if it continues to use the name. Apple maintains it should have control over the ‘App Store’ name, though Microsoft is contending the challenge.”

Full article, with the screenshots, here.

MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft. Following Apple around like a brain-damaged puppy dog, as usual.

[Attribution: 9 to 5 Mac. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Angel C.” for the heads up.]

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        1. When a company is run by marketing, it’s “R&D” in name only. Marketing people typically despise and undermine productivity oriented people, aka R&D. So indeed, after marketing has destroyed the R&D department’s morale, you might as well burn the money. This is the story of Microsoft.

          Or hey! Better yet Microsoft: SIDAGTMBTTS

  1. Am I the only one that finds the MDN Takes becoming more and more childish and less informative? Embarrassing to be honest.
    -Proud owner of a Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, iPhone 3GS, and a healthy wariness of any form of Windows OS.

    1. This is the flavor of MDN. If you want something else, there are other Apple sites. A lot of us find this site refreshingly entertaining. And as biting and partisan as it can be, nobody from Nostradamus to Henry Blodget has more acute insight and predictive forecasting.

  2. “They spend something like 10 times what Apple spends on R&D. I think they just put the money in a big pile and burn it.”


    long live steve ballmer

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