Acer’s 10.1-inch Iconia Tab A500 Android ‘iPad killer’ to launch in U.S. on April 24 staring at $450 (with video)

Acer America today announced the Acer Iconia Tab A500 which is the company’s first 10.1-inch tablet running Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) in the new Acer Iconia family of tablets for North America. It is available for pre-order online exclusively from Best Buy.

The new Acer Iconia Tab A500 tablet features the NVIDIA Tegra 250 1GHz dual-core processor and integrated GeForce GPU and weighs 1.69 pounds and measures 0.52-inches thick. It also includes forward and rear-facing cameras for capturing videos and photos as well as video conferencing.

A Best Buy exclusive, the Acer Iconia Tab A500 with WiFi is now available for pre-order online at and may be pre-ordered in stores beginning April 14. The Acer Iconia Tab A500 with WiFi will be available in stores and online beginning April 24. The Acer Iconia Tab A500 has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of US$449.99.

“Staying connected and entertained are firmly embedded as a part of our everyday lives – and the Acer Iconia Tab A500 does this and so much more in a performance-minded, sleek and stylish design,” said Sumit Agnihotry, vice president of product marketing, Acer America, in the press release. “This tablet absolutely delivers on the expectation that customers can be entertained, stay in touch with family, friends, colleagues and social networks, as well as keep up on the world around them in a way that is intuitive and fluid, and also incredibly enjoyable.”

Best Buy’s vice president of computing, Jason Bonfig, stated in the press release, “Tablets are paving the way for people to enjoy a whole new form factor in entertainment and connection. We’re pleased to have Acer join our tablet selection and to offer our customers an opportunity to try this tablet out for themselves at any Best Buy store.”

The 10.1-inch capacitive touch-screen has a 1280×800 TFT WXGA display with an 80-degree wide viewing angle. It offers HD 720p video in a 16:10 aspect ratio, a built-in HDMI port, 1GB of RAM, integrated 16GB of flash storage for programs and apps (a larger storage capacity of 32GB is planned for future models), a Micro-SD card reader (supports up to 32GB Micro-SD cards), a six-axis motion sensing gyro meter and comes with two full games: “Need for Speed: Shift” and “Let’s Golf.” The tablet supports eReading and comes pre-installed with Acer LumiRead and Google Books eReading app, while Zinio is pre-installed for reading digital magazines.

The Acer Iconia Tab A500 connects to Wi-Fi networks with Acer InviLink Nplify 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi CERTIFIED wireless tech. It is DLNA-compliant. Customers can also set up multiple email addresses in the tablet and open and view Microsoft Office documents using the trial version of the “Docs to Go” app.

The tablet features two webcams, a 5MP rear-facing camera has a flash and is auto-focusing and a 2MP fixed-focused front-facing webcam. The device features built-in GPS, integrated Bluetooth, and houses two 3260 mAh Li-polymer batteries that Acer claims provides “up to eight hours of playback for casual games, eight hours of HD video playback and 10 hours of WiFi Internet browsing.” Acer promises Adobe Flash capability is a “future update” (after the reviews about performance and battery life are published, of course).

Acer Iconia Tab A500
Acer Iconia Tab A500

The Acer Iconia Tab A500 has a brushed metal aluminum chassis and a “high-gloss finish decorated with engraved patterns” that Acer claims “creates a subtle sophistication.” It measures 10.24″ x 6.97″ x 0.52″. The device looks very similar to the Acer-made Packard Bell Liberty Tab sold in Europe.

MacDailyNews Note: iPad 2 specs: 9.50″ x 7.31″ x 0.34″. 1.33 pounds.

The Acer Iconia Tab A500 will launch with a few accessories:
• The full-sized Bluetooth keyboard. MSRP is $69.99.
• The dock with IR remote with connection for an external speaker or headphone. MSRP is $79.99.
• Protective case. MSRP is $39.99.
• The Americas power adapter set comes with the four connectors used in North, Central and South America as well as the UK and Europe. MSRP is $29.99.

Source: Acer America Corp.

Thickness and weight: Acer Iconia Tab A500 vs. Apple iPad vs. other pretend iPads:

MacDailyNews Take: So, how many apps can Sir Fat Fugliness run? Is it still 16 or have the various Android marketplaces collectively hit 17 by now? Not counting malware, of course. And how many of these Android tablet apps are specifically designed for 7-in. pretend iPads and how many specifically for 10-inch fake iPads? Fragmentation is a bitch. We can’t wait for the reviews, but we’ll bet you one thing, in head-to-head performance tests it’ll get its ass soundly whipped by Apple’s A5.

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  1. I love this website. I come here because I know in advance that no matter the story, this site will find some way to trash anything that doesn’t come from Cupertino. It’s entertaining and this visit didn’t disappoint. Just when I think that maybe Mac isn’t a religion and is just a choice or preference, this site keeps the faith going!

    1. You are entirely correct. Why can’t MDN just wait a few weeks for the roadkill, when the blood flows, when the model is retracted for redesign? Then they will have the right to speak. At this point we don’t even know whether this tablet will last 4 or 6 weeks. Of course they may remain available much longer, waiting on dusty shelves for a customer.

      1. Because there is never any announcement that a company is pulling a product because it sucked at sales. The product just disappears, or is replaced by a new, “improved” model.

        Plus, MDN wouldn’t be able to gloat over its prediction of crash and burn.

    2. I enjoy this web site too. The take downs of other equipment can be very humorous. But you lose points when you imply that its just Apple fans.
      Go to a pc or pc hardware web site. The anti-Apple sentiment is thick as mud. But even there, the appreciation for good products coming from Apple is growing.

      Just an open minded thought, 🙂

    3. So, Rick….instead of drivel, tell us why this product should be a choice for ANY tablet user. It has ZERO competitive advantages, unless you’re willing to throw usability out the window for a measly $50. And if you’re too stupid to realize $50 is a small price to pay for what an iPad 2 does, then I just can’t help you.

      People like you catagorize Apple fans as a cult. Instead, it really is millions of discriminating consumers who are willing and able to buy the best product on the market. And their continual good experiences with the company give them reason to tell others. You have a favorite restaurant that serves great food? I bet you tell people about it.

      1. ZERO competitive advantages?? thats what i would say about the Ipad! NO flash support, NO connectivity to anything that does not have that ridiculous Itunes installed. NO hdmi, NO usb, NO extra memory, but oh yeah, it looks nice and is the lightest, and it forms a nice little team with your ipod and iphone….. and every other inconnectible device that starts with ”I’.
        apple users are just being suckered into compulsive collective behaviour for everything that has that little apple on it

      2. zero competitive advantage? really? lets see, from what im getting, i dont need to sign up my mom in law for a new service for this Acer where i would with an Ipad…the cameras are better resolution MP and results wise..(if im gonna throw down $500 for a freakin tablet, i had BETTER get crisp and clear visuals out of any camera installed)…as for hailing Apple as the gospel of technology..lets look back to the “you have to hold the iphone a certain way or get a special cover to improve the reception…F*** that…hell,i heard you need a note from the Pope to even try and return an Apple product..and since someone mentioned PC’s…if apple makes such great PC’s, why can you STILL not buy one for under $1000? nuff said…

    4. Dear Rick:
      I’m sure we all love you back for your sarcasm free love for MDN, and appreciate your visits/inputs etc.

      Any-who, have you had a chance to take a look at the said device from Acer? It’s right up there, and for many of us not vision impaired, that picture alone was all we needed to see.

      Overlook all the software differentiating factors (celebrated intuitive UI made for humans, Apps both qualitatively and quantitatively, iTunes Store with legal movies and music, custom SoC designed for speed, battery-life flash-free and optimised through vigorous in house research, full backups of contacts and contents, compatibility with iPhone/iPod touch echo-system, AirPlay, and the list goes on), even forget about most things related to the hardware look (iPad is gorgeous enough, some feel, to make everything else look like cheap plasticy tanks leaking lead paints), but just concentrate only on the dimension factors alone, as pointed out by MDN, particularly the thickness.

      If you don’t think that matters, go ahead, hold them both for about a minute side by side, and then feel free to come here and cheer all your want about the so called iPad killers, and jeer MDN earnestly. We dare you.

      1. of course it is the lightest and smallest. no usb portal, no hdmi connection, no extra memory slot…no nothing, I’m no apple hater, but it took apple 20 years to even become profitable, and thats not without reason. they had some very good ideas and visions, eventually, but their nazistic view on the computermarket, will eventually be the cause that they will be catapulted back to square one. mark my words, I know many people, adepts from day 1, who decided to stop giving apple their money, because in todays computermarket you need connectivity, and not only to your own stuff.
        but its not only about this… how can you, in these days, have the arrogance of not allowing extra memory????? how can you outlaw a friggin memory card????

    5. When I first visited MDN, I noted the partisan flavor, although to say “religion” is hyperbole. After a time, however, you discover the highly accurate level of predictability here, vastly beyond any pundit, analyst, reviewer, commentator, etc. Beyond the enthusiasm, MDN’s vision, shared by many of its readers, most frequently grasps the actual nature of Apple’s products and competition.

      Sometimes balanced objectivity will yield seemingly partisan conclusions.

      1. I like coming to this site because I can freely spew my hate and revulsion for all non-Apple products and almost nobody seems to mind. Unite, brother’s-in-arms and cast out all the wannabes, copycats, Apple-killers, Flash-tards and what have you. I can already feel catharsis taking place.

    6. Hey Rick, did it occur to you that MDN “trashes anything that doesn’t come from Cupertino” because anything that doesn’t come from Cupertino is sadly trash in general?

      Seriously, just look at that thing. It’s a flop before it even hits the store shelves. The operating system it’s running hovers somewhere between being an alpha and a beta, and even if it were ready for prime time it would still be far less than great. It’s specs? Regular people don’t care about specs, they only care if the OS and apps are easy to use and run smoothly without crashing. Honeycomb is screwed in both these regards. Its price? It needs to be at least $200 cheaper to give it some kind of tangible advantage.

      How is it that people like you never come back and admit we were right whenever some DOA dud(like the Iconia Tab) from a clueless tech company(like Acer) is announced and our predictions of its failure turn out to be right on the money? How come it’s always “lol, look at the Mac cultists bashing the Zune/Kin/Xoom/Iconia/etc.” and never “oh, so the Zune/Kin/Xoom/Iconia/etc. flopped after all. You guys weren’t mindlessly bashing it, you knew it would fail because you recognized it had crippling flaws. Your dismissal of it as a failure was less like an ‘Apple fanboy’ thing and more like an ‘observing reality’ thing”.

      Will you break the pattern, Rick? When the Iconia fails to be a success, and it will, are you going to come back and admit we had valid reasons for mocking it? That we weren’t expressing a mindless bias, but an actual recognition that the Iconia was flawed in ways that would prevent it from selling well?

      I kind of doubt it.

  2. iPad killer? It is more of Xoom killer, Playbook killer, HTC killer, Samsung. Come on, let’s join “race to the bottom” championship. To those Android OEM, it is deja vu of netbook, PC.

  3. it’s been rumoured Best Buy is in hot water with Apple for withholding sales of iPad even when they have stock.

    they must have pre-bought a whole bunch of these losers and with piles of unsold xooms, galaxy tabs etc are worried they can’t ‘sell’ them (i.e unload them to unsuspecting morons)…

    That’s why Apple had to start Apple Stores after being shafted by retailers for years and why Android phones are selling (due to carriers pushing them).

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