Clorox dumps BlackBerry, lets employees choose: 92% of staff chose Apple iPhone

“Clorox in a speech at the SNW conference revealed that the company has almost entirely dropped the BlackBerry as a company phone for work,” Electronista reports. “The bleach maker scrapped RIM to let users choose between Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone 7 devices. Apple was the winner as about 92 percent of staff chose an iPhone where six percent were Android and two percent were Windows Phone 7.”

MacDailyNews Take: Sounds like 8% of Clorox employees have been negatively affected by bleach fumes; 25% of whom have suffered quite severe brain damage. It’s very sad.

Electronista reports, “As little as a year earlier, when CIO Ralph Loura took the position, Clorox still embodied the stereotypically conservative workplace with BlackBerrys for phones and aging Windows 2000 desktops. ‘Employee satisfaction with the IT team was not great,’ he said.”

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    1. wintards love to trot out the pc wars to justify their reasoning but conveniently forget that it is the MP3 wars they should refer to …only a decade of dominance swept under the rug.
       has majority mindshare. and profits.

    2. Huge number …..

      gotta figure the “most expensive” phone was chosen in a good percent of those minds as well ….

      I mean if they are giving you the phone, why pick the cheapest …..

      Having said that: 92% of the people also chose the BEST ….

  1. Something over 90%, IMO, is the actual smartphone share of the iPhone, Gartner to the contrary notwithstanding. This instance is just a fairly representative sampling of the true-smartphone universe. There will always be those who just won’t choose what everyone else does. Although in my circles, the iPhone is virtually universal.

  2. Those IT pricks honestly can’t let go of Windows or even consider anything else. I swear, these people must have been indoctrinated by Bill Gates himself. iHater repeatedly disparage Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field, but whatever possessed Windows-loving IT managers goes far deeper than what Steve emanates. If it wasn’t for the top executives and the employees forcing the issue of newfound mobility, those old-time Windows lapdog IT managers would still be using the same stuff they used 20 years ago and saying “It works just fine so there’s no need to fix what isn’t broken” as they put their company in a deeper and deeper hole as the world changes around them.

    I realize that BlackBerrys are secure but how secure do Clorox Bleach memos need to be. The iPhone has the most development going for it on the entire smartphone platform. What company needs to pass up something like that just to forever run RIM’s BES software.

  3. It all adds up : 8% of Clorox employees work in the IT department, 25% of IT employees are programmers.

    Technology alone is not enough. Techies will never get it but the remaining 92% of people finally do.

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