Amid iPad 2 fever, prices slashed again on Samsung’s 7-inch Galaxy Tab

“Sprint Nextel Corp. and Verizon Wireless cut the price of the Galaxy Tab tablet computer for the second time this year, signaling more competition for Apple Inc.’s iPad,” Amy Thomson reports for Bloomberg.

MacDailyNews Take: The device can’t compete with iPad, Amy. That’s why they’re having a fire sale. It has no apps, runs a non-tablet OS (YAF: Yet Another Fragment), and has a screen that’s only 45% as large as iPad’s. That’s why they’re trying to get rid of them by any means possible.

Thompson continues, “The Tab, made by Samsung Electronics Co., now costs $199.99 with a two-year wireless-service contract, according to the carriers’ websites. In January, Sprint cut the price to $299.99, while Verizon reduced the price to $499.99.”

MacDailyNews Take: Here, blow your cash on this tiny-screened pretend iPad and sign up with us for 2 years, too!

Thompson continues, “Carriers are lowering the prices for tablets that connect to the Web using mobile-phone networks to earn data revenue and compete against Wi-Fi tablets which are available without monthly contracts. The cheapest iPad 2, which has Wi-Fi only, is priced at $499.”

MacDailyNews Take: Plus, the iPad 2 actually works. It has a big screen, apps, and everything. As usual, you get what you pay for with Apple.

Thompson continues, “Sprint, the third-largest U.S. wireless carrier, reduced its price for the Galaxy Tab at the beginning of this month, said Mark Elliott, a spokesman. Verizon Wireless, the biggest mobile carrier, cut its prices last month, said Brenda Raney, a spokeswoman for the Basking Ridge, New Jersey-based company.”

MacDailyNews Take: Such big “news” that nobody noticed until today. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is garbage. Don’t waste your money.

Thompson continues, “Dallas-based AT&T Inc., the No. 2 carrier, has held the price for the Tab at $549.99 after slashing it by $100 earlier this year. The iPad 2, which has a larger screen than the Galaxy Tab, is also available as a version that can connect to mobile-phone networks. That version starts at $629.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Next up: BOGOF.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Pridon” for the heads up.]

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  1. Clearly this journalist is trying to create news by tying a no-news to the iPad, keeping the iPad in the public eye.
    As the media as a whole keep inventing iPad competition for hits, they’re reinforcing the iPad.

    Apple wins.

  2. of course the iHaters like H. Blodget are going to keep touting ‘market-share’ and not discuss profits.

    yesterday one analyst mentioned something about iPad rivals will be ok if they are willing to sustain ‘negative margins’.
    (does that mean they will do ok if they are willing to lose money on every tablet they sell… ) ?????

  3. It’s simple economies of scale. Because Samsung is moving so many of these things, it stands to reason that the manufacturing cost per unit should decrease as they secure better deals on components, increase manufacturing efficiency, and spend less on advertising as word of mouth takes over.

    This price drop is a clear indication that the Tab is not only selling well, but unexpectedly are remarkably so. The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and now we have undeniable proof that the 7″ form factor has taken root in the consumer electronic space and is poised to blossom into something truly revolutionary.

    1. Since we are talking about industrial economics (your economies of scale) how about the sunk cost interpretation. Samsung has produced a lot of this tablet, which is now sitting in the warehouse and getting obsolete. Samsung knows its a POC and has a new model anyway. Now they just need to clear up that inventory to make room for the new model. How do you do it? Well you slash the price.

      In short you can explain the price reduction by failure too. Besides the economies of scale would have to be huge (of unheard of proportions = unlikely) to justify such a price drop.

  4. What a riot, Twice cut Galaxy Tabs cannot sell against the sold out and not available iPad2. Sorry Samsung, consumers are smarter than in the MS DOS dark ages…. They want products that will work and are worth having.

    The Tab, still a crappy deal at 1/4th the price! BOGOF coming soon indeed

    1. Well, so many Droidtards swear that lots of consumers are dying to get their hands on 7″ tablets like the Kindle. I’ll admit there might be some small groups of consumers that find them easier to carry around, but I’m sure there must have been plenty of research done by Apple to find out what size display appealed most to consumers. If that wasn’t the case, what would have stopped Apple from selling a 7″ tablet? Steve said that 7″ tablets would be dead on arrival and the Galaxy Tab seems to be dying a painful death of rejection. I can’t say I wouldn’t buy one if it reached about $100, but it wouldn’t be my preference of display size by a long shot.

      Amusingly enough, though, I’d bet Steve could get up on stage and introduce a 7″ tablet and somehow make it appealing though slick marketing and it would sell rather well as the iPad for children. It’s not going to happen.

      1. seems to me that a 7 inch tablet could work. We use our iPhones okay without filing down our fingertips, I can’t imagine why apps couldn’t be written that work great at 7 inches.

        but having said that, the galaxy tab is NOT the winner!

  5. Signaling they have tons of Galaxy Tabs in stock and are willing to take something, anything for them. Samsung, and possibly the carrier (depending on the amount underwritten), are losing money on each sale. This is not what you call competition.

  6. So how much does it cost in all?
    (assuming the cheapest plan you can get with the Galaxy?)

    That is the real cost of the DOA, POS the Samsung Tab…

    Maybe they have Sam-sung their swan-song?

  7. Samsung built 2.1 million of these DOA obsolete patehtic 7″ Galaxy dogs. i doubt they sold even 100,000 in the first world at any price. nobody but a fanDroid or complete sucker would buy one. probably have dumped the rest into the discount markets of Asia at 75% off, hoping nobody here finds out.

  8. I bought a Tab and usually carried it in my car. I parked up and walked to a shop, but then realised that I had left the Tab visible on the seat of the car.

    As soon as I realised, I rushed back to my car, but just before I turned the corner, I heard a smash. As I neared the car, I was aware that there was broken glass on the ground.

    I was horrified when I reached my car. The side window had been smashed, broken glass was everywhere and some bastard had dumped a second Tab on the seat.

    1. LOL!!! Yeah, sorry about that. But I got it the same way. (I wouldn’t pay for 1 in a million years). I also see you were ashamed to mention the 2 Charlie Sheen road show tickets I saw sticking out underneath your Tab! WINNING!!

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