Mac OS X 10.7 Lion’s iChat 6 adds Yahoo IM, account integration, web page sharing

“The next version of Mac OS X will deliver an updated version of iChat capable of logging into Yahoo IM accounts, providing an improved experience when using multiple accounts, and adding web page sharing in iChat Theater,” AppleInsider reports.

“Last year, Apple brought video chat to iPhone 4 under the name FaceTime, and later added support for both iPod touch and iPad 2. A Mac client for FaceTime was also released, curiously delivering very similar functionality to iChat but in a different, standalone app,” AppleInsider reports. “FaceTime uses the same open technologies as iChat does for video chats, but rather than being tethered to AOL or another IM service for “buddy” discovery, the system uses phone numbers or email addresses to establish video connections. This makes FaceTime more like a phone call (or Skype) rather than an IM chat service. ”

AppleInsider reports, “FaceTime does not monitor and advertise users’ status, making it more efficient than conventional IM on a mobile device, as there is no background user discovery process. Instead, when a user attempts to make a FaceTime call, the system triggers a push message (using the same XMPP PubSub technology Apple uses to power iOS push notifications) to the client, which can then ring, alerting the other user that an incoming call request is being made.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]


  1. My beef with FaceTime is that it does not alert me to incoming calls when the app is closed with my account still logged in as Apple claims it does on their web site.

  2. I started using ichat more than ever lately when i realized i could send & receive unlimited texts to all my cell phone friends using it. Great feature! Just make sure your friends contact info including his cell phone is in your buddy list and click “send SMS”

  3. Yahoo is such a worthless company. Unlike Gmail and AOL, Yahoo still does not support Desktop Client IMAP. They only support POP, which you have to pay for to get. Why Apple chose Yahoo for “push” email on the original iPhone intro is ridiculous.

        1. You are not well informed. I’ve been using Yahoo! IMAP since 94. And I have no problems at all. Yahoo supports IMAP (Remotely syncs all folders), CalDav (For iCal Calendars), Cardav (For Address Book Contacts) and IM (For iChat). Wich makes Yahoo! a great match for a mac.

          iCloud supports IMAP, Caldav, Cardav and IM. So iCloud and Yahoo! are the best.

          Google doesn’t support Cardav wich is pathetic.

        2. Google doesn’t support Cardav and it doesn’t support to-do notes.
          Yahoo! Supports to-do notes all together with ical wich is a cool feature.
          AIM and AOL both support IMAP and IM. But they don’t support CalDav and Cardav.
          Hotmail doesn’t support IMAP, CalDav, Cardav and IM

  4. All of these bells & whistles don’t compensate for the loss of Rosetta. When people finally realize that their favorite software has been rendered useless by this, they’re gonna be as pissed as I am.

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