New Apple patent reveals a ‘baffling’ iPad design

“An interesting Apple patent surfaced last month that revealed their use of advanced laser welding methodologies and their contemplation of using another material for the iPad beyond aluminum,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“Yet hidden within this patent was the revelation that they’re seriously considering the addition of a baffle system in future versions of the iPad,” Purcher reports. “As Apple introduces more sophisticated multicore processors, camera optics and sensors into future iPad designs, it only stands to reason that a simple cooling system is in order.”

Purcher reports, “The vent or slot is described as providing a conduit for the exchange of air between the enclosure and the external environment. This exchange of air facilitates the cooling of the computer/display assembly within the enclosure. And in order to prevent a user from actually viewing the iPad’s internal assembly and components, Apple’s patent describes a baffle system that could be integrated into the iPad’s housing. The baffle system could also be configured to direct the airflow that passes through a slot opening from the external environment to specific areas within the iPad’s enclosure.”

Much more in the full article, including Apple’s patent application illustrations, here.


  1. Although I’d prefer it to be on the bottom lip, like the grll for iMac speakers, I think that over time (not now), the iPad with 8 cores or the like could need a simple cooling vent. Apple is always thinking ahead. That’s why they’re the leader.

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