5 reasons an Apple iPhone 5 delay wouldn’t matter

“The defining characteristic of Apple (AAPL) stock during this stage of tech hyper-growth is that it always bounces,” Jason Schwarz writes for Seeking Alpha.

“This is what makes Apple the best investment vehicle on Wall Street. As an investor there are times to demonstrate conviction and there are times to run for the hills; the current five day selloff that started because of the iPhone 5 delay rumors represents a time to demonstrate conviction,” Schwarz writes. “These moments of uncertainty have a way of compelling buyers to get back in the game which is exactly what we anticipate will happen in this case.”

Although we doubt the validity of the rumor, let’s assume it is true, and provide five reasons why an iPhone 5 delay doesn’t matter:

1. Apple has too many successful product lines
2. Apple has officially turned into an international juggernaut
3. Launch quarters aren’t that great for the stock anyway
4. Apple’s stock valuation is already at rock bottom
5. Because the delay probably won’t even happen

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “David E.” and “Arline M.” for the heads up.]


    1. I got iPhone 4. My wife has 3G and her contract is coming up in May. I’ve been wanting to upgrade hers since iPhone 4’s launch. Rumors (promises) of a spring release of the white iPhone 4 / delay of iPhone 5 / late June iPhone 5. I don’t want her to have to wait, but 1 more month may be worth it… Or should I just go ahead and upgrade her when I can to the top of the line at that time, even if it’s the iPhone 4 and the 5 is right around the corner?

      1. Wait! My wife is in the same situation. When the new product is likely that close, you can’t go wrong. Or at least it isn’t too likely. Of course, I did buy a 64 gb iPad in December, knowing full well that the 2 would be soon out. But at least I gave my “old” iPad 16 gb to her…

    2. I’m in the same boat. I’m forcing myself to go every other generation – I got gen 1, skipped the 3g, got the 3gs, skipped the 4 – it’s time for a new iPhone!

  1. disagree w/ schwarz on the cause of the pps slide… imho that had everything to do with the nasdaq news leaking early and nothing do with iP5 delay rumors.

    agree w/ him that if you’re dca’ing, this is an accumulation opp.

  2. Reason #1:

    Apple hasnʻt announced the iPhone 5, let alone an original delivery date. Therefore it canʻt possibly be delayed. Steve said three years ago that Apple would introduce products when they were ready, not on any formulaic schedule. Why the hell canʻt people get that through their thick heads.

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