RUMOR: Next iPod nano to add camera, retain current form factor

“The fifth-generation iPod nano packed video recording, a widescreen display, and video playback,” Mark Gurman reports for 9 to 5 Mac.

“Apple decided to drop these key features in favor of a smaller-form factor, a Multi-Touch display, an iOS-like user interface, and a belt clip for the current, sixth generation model,” Gurman reports.

“Now, according to a purported seventh generation iPod nano part from, Apple may be putting the camera back into their popular music player while still keeping the current model’s size and display,” Gurman reports.

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. Wrong product to work on. Nano is becoming niche product quickly. Investing these technologies really serve little good for apple. They really should take these strong brand names and apply them to the IPHONE. Right now Apple is at a unique position to undue their past sins with the original mac. Apple should have owned PC’s but instead ceded to Microsoft. Could the same be happening with Android. To beat this bring the brands to Iphone and ensure that a market share is theirs alone. Iphone – Nano that is a IPOD Touch with Phone ability and slick casings for the TWEENS. Offer it for 49.99 or better yet free (to maintain the brand). The money from the carriers can probably achieve this especially with the lower cost parts of ipod. Next the IPHONE which would be the iphone we all want during the upgrade cycles. Latest blah blah and full capabilities (notably gps , nearfield) whatever. Iphone PRO. Here is the kicker. Include a keyboard. The prod would be the Iphone but with another form factor with keyboard. At this point there would be no area apple is missing. Since the costs are the same, why would anyone choose droid? When I mean anyone, consumers not geeks.

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