Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer, tech’s worst CEO; how long can he last?

“The site says the approval rating of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer from his employees is the lowest of any major tech company — a dismal 40%,” Preston Gralla writes for Computerworld. “Given this latest piece of bad news, how long can he last at Microsoft?”

MacDailyNews Take: Given the amount of his MSFT shares, not to mention our prayers, hopefully he can last for a long, long time.

Gralla continues, “He has been frequently criticized by many outside of Microsoft for lacking vision. On his watch, Google zoomed to dominate Internet search, and Apple and Google have dominated the smartphone business — the two greatest growth areas in tech. Even the Microsoft board, which generally supports Ballmer, no matter what he does, has been restive… Ballmer has said that he plans to retire in 2018. Don’t count on him lasting that long.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Wait until at least noon local time, then hoist a pint with the usual toast!

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    1. I’m not sure that’s true, actually. MSFT has already lost about half of its value since Ballmer got the big chair to throw around, and I doubt that there are any MSFT shareholders left who care enough to try to fix their problems. The stock is mostly held by dullards who don’t think beyond “MS is a really big company, it must be a safe bet.”


      1. Microsoft shareholders don’t care about stock price, they care about dividends being paid. As long as MSFT keeps paying dividends, the shareholders will be content (notice I didn’t say “happy”).

    1. Unless he buys said company, do you really think any would want or take him in any position.
      The only way that’d happen is they put him in a separate room and get his advice and then do the opposite.

    2. I’m in two minds. I’d like Ballmer to continue his stellar visionary work… heh heh but I also want to see him go so that Steve gets to finally vanquish the old Microsoft Old Guard.
      Poetic justice if you like.

  1. I’m at work so I’ll have wait a bit before I bend the elbow in the usual anti-paean to the Grand Monkey Boy. But yeah until then and forever more- for as long as it takes! What is tremendously thrilling is that I might actually see this in my lifetime.

  2. As Steve Jobs noted, Ballmer is “the sales guy”. The Board of Directors is upset because the sales guy doesn’t have vision? What do they expect? Ballmer knows how to sell stuff, not how to create it. If you want a company with vision, you damned sure don’t put a sales guy in charge of it.


  3. Hey, any of you microsoft board members and stockholders reading this, please understand this negativity is just jealousy held against your fine company and its magnificent leadership. Please be assured that Mr. Ballmer is doing a bang-up job. He is every bit the technological expert as Bill Gates, and needs to be kept in place for as long as it takes.

    1. Yes, we are so envious of MS. We wish Ballmer were running Apple, because then we would have Mac OS 9.8, the Newton 5.3, and several more generations of laser printers and maybe even a new AppleTake camera! Now that would have been much better than all this shiny i-stuff. Apple should have just stuck to what it did well, then copied all the great ideas MS has! For example, the Apple Ballmer could have made a clone of PocketPC 6.5 and called it PocketMac! Now that was a great operating system, rarely crashed more than 5 times/day, plus all the savings on data since it took so long to load a page!

      This all reads like a sad “alternate reality” sci-fi story — if only, if only, if only… Sigh. Alas, we are stuck with Steve Jobs and all his crappy iPhones, iPads, MacBook Airs, and other stuff that no one really wants.

  4. IDG has predicted Ballmer is out this year.

    I sincerely believe Microsoft is weighing its options as we speak. In light of the recent announcement to join forces with Nokia, many are asking themselves how could things have devolved so far for Microsoft, and isn’t their plan to partner with Nokia a desperate attempt to remain relevant?

    The real Ballmer blunder has to be introducing the Kin phone, whose OS was an inferior and diluted version of the yet to be released Win Phone 7. And then as if cooler heads prevailed we saw Kin yanked from the market just as Microsoft was on the verge of releasing WP7.

    What a painfully obvious blunder! The fact that Ballmer is still the CEO speaks volumes about those who have the power to kick his ass to the curb.

    I mean Apple has had its share of failures, introduced during times when Apple was trying to gain momentum in the market, only to abandon those products that failed to win mass appeal, but those instances occurred at a time when most people thought Apple no longer existed or was a subsidiary of Microsoft.

    Microsoft’s blunders are painful public spectacles, and I believe the mainstream media has given them way too much latitude with their miscues. The fact is, Ballmer and Board could be paving the way for Gates to make a miraculous return to save Microsoft. The question is, is Microsoft screwed up enough that even Bill Gates wouldn’t have a hard time making the necessary course corrections?

    Also, if he agreed to return to save his company, what are his chances of becoming the richest man in the world once more?

    1. nah. Gates is no longer relevant. He has absolutely no concept of what is driving Apple to such heights. What’s he going to do, license DOS to unsuspecting Linux geeks who have no idea what DOS is? They’re so young they probably think it means “two” so they’ll buy into it. Gates’ kids are highly likely more tech savvy than the old man is.

  5. Wow! 40% … I am shocked. That many? Did they think that Ballmer was personally sending this around trying to pick out who to give the pink slips to.

    40% … that many? Keep serving the Kool-Aid, it may be working.

  6. Balmer…. the classic public bellow of “Hey, mom – look at me !!! Top of the world!!”” just flat won’t protect him anymore….

    Microshaft (also known as Nokiasoft) CANNOT USE IT’S BULLY PULPIT from the PC world to try and muscle around companies in the Mobile markets… They are just too far behind.. Even rumors today about Winders 8.. It’ll probably be released by 2236 for hardware that came out late 2010 OR 2009 !!!!… I firmly believe that Balmer believes this is a GOOD strategy to get Nokiasoft back in the game….. NOT!

    Bye..bye… Steve.. now we can just laugh all the time about you..relic of an ancient past and running joke of the current environment….

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