Apple seeds Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Developer Preview 2

“Apple today pushed out a new developer preview version of Mac OS X Lion, offering an updated build of the company’s next-generation operating system for testing purposes,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors. “The new version is Build 11A419.”

“It was reported a few days ago that Apple is already nearing the release of ‘golden master candidate’ versions to developers, despite a distinct lack of polish and even basic functionality in the initial version issued late last month,” Slivka reports. “Consequently, developers will be looking closely at the new build for signs of progress.”

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MG Siegler reports for TechCrunch, “This is the build that Apple is considering to be a ‘GM1’ revision internally, we hear.”

“It’s unlikely that this will be the actual ‘Golden Master,'” Siegler reports. “We’re still a solid two months away from Apple’s WWDC event where Lion will be a key area of focus. Apple may attempt to launch Lion there, but more likely is that the release candidates is handed out to developers there. A public launch would come shortly thereafter.”

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  1. This brings me back to the days of downloading the latest build from Apple. I used to have a spare partition on my mac to run these puppies.
    Even at the beginning (anyone remember Cheetah) there was still debate about whether a build was really the GM. I believe 4K78 was in final build and I was using it for weeks beforehand.
    Many people have said in the past that the final build was not the GM due to the issues left. Most times these are minor and Apple usually have fixes available within a few weeks of release.
    Those days were fun and I’ve been playing with OSX since the Public beta days. Knew even then that Apple had something special.

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