U.S. President Obama confirmed Apple iPad owner

At a town hall in Washington on Monday, Spanish-language network Univision anchor Jorge Ramos asked U.S. President Barack Obama, “Do you have an iPad?”

“‘I do have an iPad,’ Obama replied, joking later about also having his own computer,” Robert Schroeder blogs for MarketWatch. “‘I mean, Jorge, I’m the president of the United States,’ Obama said. ‘You think I’ve got to go borrow somebody’s computer?’ said Obama to laughter. ‘Hey, man, can I borrow your computer? How about you? You’ve got one?'”

Schroeder blogs, “Obama… didn’t say which [iPad] version he owns — or what he uses it for.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. I do love my iPad. Taxpayers bought it for me, of course: 64GB, 3G, but mine’s a special model: Half black and half white.

    Hold on now, I gotta go bomb the shit out of some more innocent Libyan women and children without congressional authorization. Even He Who I blame For Everything had congressional authorization for the Afganistan and Iraq actions.

    Oh, yeah, don’t forget, my hypocrite supporters, Gitmo’s still open for business, the Bush taxes are still in place, and I lost the House in the biggest Republican landslide since 1928, suckers! Now, go put out those Obama 2012 lawn signs and slap those bumper stickers on your Volvos, you Special Olympics pawns!

    1. At least he made one correct decision. Hard to believe anyone could screw that one up.

      Impeach him now. Show the birth certificate. Show the college records. Until produced he is presumed a foreigner.

      1. Obama did which correct decision?

        If you mean bombing independent country that fight hard to deal with armed mutiny by terrorists, then it is not correct decision.

        Imagine an armed revolt in Texas, for example. These people would be immediately declared terrorists and erased with all means possible. But if Libya does the same, then all of sudden it is no go to fight off the armed mutiny. Of course that kind of internal war might go bloody, but this does not make Obama correct on assaulting official government of independent country, thus supporting heavy-armed terrorists. (By the way, notice how the media brainwashing people calling terrorists with heroic names like “rebels” and so on.)

        1. Do you really honestly believe what you just said???

          When Clinton bombed Serbia (over Kosovo), there were protests around the world. He was barely able to scrape together some coalition of those who couldn’t afford to go against America.

          When Bush entered Afghan war, everyone cheered (it was perceived, around the world, as well as in America, as the right thing). When he subsequently went into Iraq, he had even more trouble than Clinton putting together the “coalition of the willing”. The protests around the world (as well as at home) were very loud and numerous.

          Obama acted on the decision of the Security Council of the United Nations, which authorised a No-Fly Zone (not quite the same as ground invasion). And the decision was made because the Libyan dictator mercilessly killed his own population because they tried to ride the wave of popular unrest.

          Your example with Texas is useless. In order for it to be valid, Texas would have to be an independent country, ruled by an iron fist of a dictator for over four decades, where most people were dirt poor, despite massive oil revenue, and political dissent was punishable by death.

          It never ceases to amaze me how normally intelligent people seem to just turn off their brains when it comes to American politics.

          1. UNO resolution declares “No Fly Zone”, but there is nothing to allow bombings of the country.

            As to Texas example, it is perfectly valid. Lybia’s unemployment benefit is 730 Euro (around $1000), the gasoline costs $0.14, there is nothing dirty, and no one got killed or anything.

            Of course, it is not democratic regime at all (authoritarian), but this is official government and there is no way how it is “correct” to attack it.

            Consider armed mutiny in Texas, central government attempts to erase the terrorists and, say, China’s intervention which would start bomb USA government forces.

            1. You clearly haven’t read the resolution of the Security Council of the UN. It is an unusually long one, and is quite detailed:

              “4. Authorizes Member States (…) to take all necessary measures, (…) to protect civilians and civilian populated areas under threat of attack in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, including Benghazi, while excluding a foreign occupation force of any form on any part of Libyan territory, and requests the Member States concerned to inform the Secretary-General immediately of the measures they take pursuant to the authorization conferred by this paragraph which shall be immediately reported to the Security Council;

              6. Decides to establish a ban on all flights in the airspace of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya in order to help protect civilians;

              8. Authorizes Member States (…) acting nationally or through regional organizations or arrangements, to take all necessary measures to enforce compliance with the ban on flights imposed by paragraph 6 above, as necessary, and requests the States concerned in cooperation with the League of Arab States to coordinate closely with the Secretary General on the measures they are taking to implement this ban, including by establishing an appropriate mechanism for implementing the provisions of paragraphs 6 and 7 above”…

              This is just a small relevant part of that resolution, the one which deals with authorisation of the use of force in order to enforce the no-fly zone and protect civilians from attack by the government military.

              All it took was some googling. Did you honestly hope that people here would accept whatever you choose to say without checking it first?

            2. Until America withdraws from the United Nations, they are equal members as all others. In fact, more than equal, with the power of veto, they have more power than any other member. Security Council resolution is legally binding for the whole world, so yes, it is “correct” to attack Libyan forces who attack civilians; this resolution clearly says exactly that.

              As for Texas to Libya comparison, again, are you really serious when using 730EUR unemployment benefit as the primary basis of comparison (not to mention “there’s nothing dirty”, or “nobody got killed or anything”)???!! Ruthless dictator killing civilians en masse only because they don’t like him!!?? That’s Texas??????

            3. @Predrag: by “any measures” resolution considers internaltional-laws-legal measures. Nothing about breaking an independent country’s sovereignty with bombing its official authorities.

              As to Linyan regime, as I said, it is authoritarianism, but Ghaddafi did not kill anyone out of being “dictator” before there was armed mutiny. And, of course, he did not kill *civilians* en masse (what is the point? it is his own civilians for which he cared for like forty years), he only killed armed terrorists. Do not forget that some people from Ghaddafi’s military committed betrayal, opened weapons warehouses and armed the mutiny with weaponry, including heavy. There was no case of Ghaddafi killing of actual civilians, it is pointless (but USA’s military/media systematically tell that kind of stories about “bad” countries to justify assaults, so no wonder).

            4. Do you really, really believe what you are saying? Have you ever seen any other prior resolutions by Security Council that authorise use of force? “By any means necessary” means EXACTLY that, and it includes the use of force. The only thing the resolution SPECIFICALLY does exclude is the use of foreign OCCUPYING force. There is no way to interpret this resolution so that it does NOT authorise use of force.

              While, Libyan regime did not kill as many civilians as Iraqi (before US invasion), it certainly did murder them en masse, for decades. Today’s protests became bloody only when Libyan military started shooting the protesters. They were entirely peaceful until then.

              DeRS, I don’t know who you are, or where you’re from, but your arguments sound extremely weak.

            5. UNO resolution’s interpretation “to bomb” is quite lax. At maximum, resolutions allows to shot down military flying planes, but nothing like throwing hundreds of Tomahawks and bombs upon the country.

              I am not sure how is that “weak” argument. Even many lawyers in USA’s congress obviously see this as an assault/aggression and blame Omaba for abusing his power.

              As to Libya, Ghaddafi is not known to kill his own people out of the blue at all (I mean, no real facts of that aside of made-up hearsay by the manipulated and manipulating media). That is why both Bush administration and Europe Union sold to him more than $500 million-worth of weapons, and Obama administration tried to arrange almost $80 million sale there — until they found a cause to spend hundreds of millions, billions of dollars on military operation, which is much more profitable for military companies’ lobby in Obama’s administration — let alone oil companies’ lobby, which wanted to get Linya’s oil for decades, but Ghaddafi never allowed to privatize Libya’s oil industry.

              Notice that there is much bigger war in other African country, Côte d’Ivoire, with already more than 200 000 refugees, almo armed mutinies, and so on. But Obama administration does not care to call an UNO resolutions on that or bomb them because there (almost) is no oil in the country.

          2. Revision’ism at its finest.

            Bush had, in hand, violations of UN Security Council resolution after resolution after resolution, yet when Saddam continued firing anti aircraft missiles at coalition aircraft enforcing “no fly” zones over Kurdish territory, Lib Dems screamed bloody murder in protest.

            It never ceases to amaze me how normally intelligent people seem to just turn off their brains when it comes to American politics.

            Lib Dem hypocrisy knows no bounds

      1. That was a joke by the way, joyless liberal. And, it’s not the fact that Obama’s half-white that’s the problem, it’s that he’s a half-wit.

          1. Why do you keep bringing up Bush you no wit? Maobama makes the 3 stooges look like Einsteins. Maobama is the brain dead idiot in charge. He is purposely destroying the US way of life as fast as he can we will vote his disgusting ass out in 2012.

      2. What’s Obama fighting? His mother that raised him was white. His father, didn’t he leave the family, was black? Was he fighting the Civil War too?

        1. The comment referenced the racial tones of the statement by the poster self-labeled “The Obama Dunce.” So, your comment wasn’t relevant to the issue.

    2. What a lame, racist post. Any president should have his computer, etc. provided for him, just like any other government employee or corporate employee.

      Regardless of what you think of Obama, he’s got the toughest, most demanding job in the world. That’s why every president, especially if they serve 2 terms, have their hair turn gray and just look a LOT older when they leave office. Let the guy enjoy his iPad and a joke with reporters once in awhile.

    3. Uhh.. yeah them iPad’s r good… they got button’s n all…
      Yes mister ex-president… we can see the commi’s from the iPad… iKari Warriors… red headbands… Yawl

    4. W: “Uh, what’s this?”
      Laura: “That’s an iPad, honey.”
      W: (bewildered) “But, it’s big, and it doesn’t bend, and (tapping) isn’t this glass or something? How is this supposed to be absorbent?”
      Laura: (interrupts) “It’s a COMPUTER. only better.”
      W: (struggling to comprehend) “Uh, should I have one? What could I do with it?”
      Laura: (pauses, then tentatively) “You could read with it.”
      W: “Read?”

  2. Sheesh! His iPad was spent by our tax dollars. What a shame that we have a foreign leader running away with our tax dollars. Believe it or not, he is not an American citizen.

      1. Um, he gets a paycheck, you know. He probably just bought it.

        Why does a powerful black man strike such fear into people’s hearts?

        He’s president and you’re a dick. Deal with it and move on.

    1. “His iPad was spent by our tax dollars.”
      What does that mean?

      Can you actually construct a sentence?
      I think it could possibly be you mean, ‘His iPad was “bought with” our tax dollars’.

      ‘What a shame that we have a foreign leader running away with our tax dollars. Believe it or not, he is not an American citizen.”

      No, not a foreign leader. President of the USA. Not president of a foreign country. I don’t think he’s running away. He has an address. It’s the White House. Enough people voted for him to be there. All legal. Unlike George Bush with the Florida vote first time round.

      Yes he is an American citizen. Do you really believe all that crap?

      “How’d he get one?”

      Maybe like me, online from the Apple store. Maybe he sent an aid to Walmart. Or maybe he phoned Steve and said “Hi Steve. Any chance of a Presidential iPad? I don’t think he mugged someone for it. How did you get yours? more to the point.

      1. That’d be freaking hilarious, and now I’m waiting for National Lampoon to make a skit where the president or a few of his aids mug someone for their iPad hahaha

    2. Uh, yup, just like every other president had their computer, phone, transportation, etc. paid for by tax dollars. He gets the tools he needs/wants bought for him, just like any president of a company. You don’t see the mail room guy have to push his own cart to work, do you? Does the UPS guy only get the job if he already owns a big brown truck? Nope, company buys it for him, just like your company likely bought your laptop/iPad/phone/paper/pen/car for you.

    3. Prove he’s not American…

      That’s right George shovelled all the money up to the top 55 of the population so now they can’t afford them… and GW’s bankers borroed from Japan + China to pays for wars in countries for oil that’s never been needed… What’s that? GW left 11 trillion in debt for the next president… Oops.

      And your’e fussing about a stinking iPad?
      Hmm One secret service guy going on unpaid leave will buy 10 of them…

      1. Actually, it is up to Obama to prove he is legally able to hold office under The U.S. Constitution which requires being born in the U.S.A.

        Insofar as he has not and either will not or, perhaps cannot, produce his actual birth certificate, the burden to prove he is actually American falls to him.

        With so many states passing laws that require the birth certificates in order to get their electoral votes, I’m interested in how this will or will not affect Obama, should he choose to run again.

        1. It amazes me that people who believe the “Birther” horseshit, or whatever it’s called, have Internet connections. If Obama was white, was the son of a South African of Dutch descent and had an Anglo-sounding name, the issue would never have surfaced. The best thing about the issue is that it never changed a single vote — racist xenophobes would never have marked a ballot for him. Speaking of citizenship, how did Bush get elected? He’s from Texas — isn’t that part of Mexico?
          Oh, and speaking of that, did you hear the census report that white males are actually a minority in Texas owing to expansion of the Hispanic group? That is just priceless. Another thing for the Birthers to pee their panties over.

          1. It’s not horse shit. If Maobama was not born in the US as his grandmother said. And his wife called Kenya, on video, his home country. It’s up to Maobama to prove otherwise which he won’t and can’t. It has nothing to do with his skin color you jack asses and everything to do with him breaking the ultimate law of the land.

            1. You obviously have an Internet connection. Get off the racist, partisan blogs and go to Factcheck, org, which debunked this bullsh!t back in 2008.

              The, get a life.

            2. Hardly debunked. A liberal front group says Obama was born in the BS. We all say BS until he proves it. Open up his college records while he’s at it. What the hell is he hiding Island Troll??

  3. If it helps him get things done faster / more efficiently, then the iPad is worth whatever tax dollars were spent. Would you the leader of the free world only have pen and paper at his disposal? Or Dells?

  4. You guys are funny. You’d deride the President if he bought an iPad OR a Motorola Xoom OR Windows tablet. Then you guys complain that he’s spending tax dollars on the device. What do you expect him to do with a paycheck? Buy wood chips for dinner? Sardine cans? Step out of your basements once in a while.

    Be happy he buys Apple products. Isn’t that the point of this website? Be all rah-rah Mac-fanboys, right?

    1. This guy is the anti-christ president. We need to vote him and his comrades out in 2012 to save the US. Otherwise he and his buddies will collapse the system as planned. Then what? A world full of Chinas and Russias with commie masterminds telling us what to think and do????? No thanks. Disgusting. So anti-amercan it’s unthinkable. But that’s what they want.

      1. Don’t worry about the Russians; just saw on the news that their birth rate has fallen off the chart, so we don’t have to worry about them anymore. The Chinese can just annex the country and use up the rest of the concrete in the world building roads across the Gobi dessert.

        Joking, folks! But not about the birth rate report-that was real.

      2. Only in your mind Nelson. You need to get out more or at least do some reading, Russia ceased to be “commie” a while ago. Step out of the basement, go for a walk in the sunshine, the paranoia will slowly fade.

        1. Nelson couldn’t be more right. You marxist-sheeple would happily follow your dear leader right down the toilet. Have no fear, we will save your foolish asses in the voting booths in 2012. It’s going to be fun.

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