Bomb scare forces evacuation of Apple’s Sacramento facility

“A bomb threat at Apple’s distribution center in Elk Grove, Calif., has forced an evacuation of three buildings while emergency personnel assess the potential threat,” AppleInsider reports.

“People with knowledge of Monday’s ongoing incident informed AppleInsider that the eastern three buildings A, B and C have been evacuated at the Apple Sacramento Campus,” AppleInsider reports.

“The site is used for receiving, warehousing and logistics, and is comprised of three warehouses totaling 450,000 square feet,” AppleInsider reports.

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


  1. Looks like there are so many sore losers in the industry, that can’t take defeat and aren’t capable of innovation. When FUD doesn’t even work, well they resort to the dirty tactics of bomb threats.

    Would be nice to end this bullshit with an all out FBI investigation.

  2. In addition to warehousing, logistics and receiving, one of the buildings houses AppleCare and Apple Store phone agents. The bomb threat could have been a caller in to tech support.

    1. HaHaHa……probably some poor sucker trying to do the right thing…… bought a Mac and is frustrated trying to use windows in a virtual emulator….. Microsoft said it was Apple’s fault…… after all, wasn’t Windows just stolen ideas (poorly executed) from Apple ?

  3. I’m guessing someone who missed the AAPL swing and it trying not to short the stock. Lets see, 2+ points this morning and now -1+. What a crock, I hope they find out who called it in and hang them high.

    Come on, a bomb scare really? They can’t get any more “innovative” then that.

  4. Someone pissed off they can’t get an iPad 2. I got up at 5 am this morning determined to get one today. I went to the wrong apple store. The mall in Brandenton Fl. got quite a few that sold in a hour. The mall I went to (International Mall in Tampa Fl. got none!) either did 5 best buys I stopped at.
    By 1pm I was mother f’in apple. Now that I had a nap, I’m ready to try again tomorrow. What the chance the apple store in Tampa International mall wouldn’t get any 2 days in a row? Slim I hope!
    I would never be so mad to do what this person did. But I could see why someone could get mad at apple other then a rival.
    Come on. It’s been two weeks practically. The one I ordered a week
    Ago From Apple won’t be here till April 26. Almost May!

  5. I have been to that facility, when they were still manufacturing Power Macs. It was impressive. I work with a guy who spent 20 years there working for Apple.

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