Lenovo launches iPad killer ‘LePad’ in China

“When Lenovo, the world’s fourth-largest PC vendor, launched its tablet computer on Monday night, the world was not invited,” Kathrin Hille reports for The Financial Times.

“The company treated Chinese media to a lavish party in Shanghai, and the LePad – a device with a 10.1-inch screen powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor – went on sale in China only,” Hille reports. “And yet, some industry experts see the Chinese company, under Yang Yuanqing, chief executive, as the most likely future rival for Apple in the global tablet market.”

“Manish Nigam, head of Asia technology research at Credit Suisse, said Lenovo might be the best positioned among the new tablet vendors because of its dominant position in China. The company has a 30 per cent share in the world’s second-largest and fastest-growing PC market,” Hille reports. “‘Lenovo is well-placed to make its tablet work. They have been a good engineering company,’ said Mr Nigam.”

Hille reports, “Kirk Yang, head of non-Japan Asian hardware technology research at Barclays Capital, said he expected Apple’s market share to slide to about 72% this year and named Lenovo, Samsung, RIM and Acer as strong candidates for grabbing at least 10% each of the remaining market.”

Hille reports, “At Rmb3,499 ($532), the LePad is more expensive than the cheapest iPad, which is available from Rmb2,888 in China. But many Chinese consumers are more likely to compare Lenovo’s tablet with the iPad 2. Apple’s latest product has not officially started selling in China, but grey market imports are available from Rmb5,000.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Well, that’s it! Apple might as well just pack it in. (smirk)

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  1. I’m appalled with the educational system, 33% of our children can’t read, 42 % can’t rite properly, 14 % can’t spell and the other 51% can’t add up!

      1. Read the article. “Kirk Yang, head of non-Japan Asian hardware technology research at Barclays Capital, said he expected Apple’s market share to slide to about 72% this year and named Lenovo, Samsung, RIM and Acer as strong candidates for grabbing at least 10% each of the remaining market.” 72 10 10 10 10=112%. Your reading comprehension seems to equal the math skills of Kirk Yang.

        1. I get the joke, but it’s based on a bit of a miscomprehension of the sentence. Those four companies are *candidates* for grabbing at least 10 percent each. It does not say that each *will* grab that much.

          The more fantastical point is that he has Apple sliding to 72 percent market share in the tablet market.

        2. He suggests that the also-rans would each take 10% of the crumbs left on the table by Apple – that’s 10% each of the remaining market – i.e. the 28% oxygen left by Apple. Any crumbs these bozos leave will be gobbled up by the nearly-also-rans – the hordes of unknown, no-name tablet makers.
          That’s not just possible. It’s very likely.
          Nothing wrong with Yang’s assertion – just your understanding.

      2. It’s clear that the fact that kids today have a short attention span and have difficulty staying on subject. Thus in an attempt at sarcasm @skylark forgot mention that children in China do not have this problem.

        Do you see the connection now?

  2. I don’t know how good or bad this thing is, but it’s the dumbest name for a tablet computer so far. “LePad” makes “PlayBook” sound clever. I would be embarrassed just saying, “It’s a LePad.” No doubt, the French are laughing too…

    (Why didn’t the go with “ThinkPad something”?)

    1. Maybe “Le” is Chinese for “i”. LePhone instead of iPhone. LePad instead of iPad. Next we can expect LePod and LeMac and simple syncing with LeTunes. Of course you’ll be amazed at the power and elegance of LeMovie and LeMovie for LeOS which will only work with LePad 2.

  3. China is such a huge market that even with 72% (or is it 60%?) share, Apple will be rolling in the dough. But outside of China, Le Pad will probably be Le Dud. But it will still be interesting to see how homegrown Chinese challengers do, not only against the iPad but against other internationally-produced tech products in the coming years. On the one hand, the Far East generally is Knock-Off Central; on the other, Asian consumers are increasingly as brand conscious as everybody else, especially in the big urban centers.

  4. Actually what he said was that the various manufacturers listed were “candidates” to capture 10% or more of the tablet market. If his fantasy that Apple’s share would slide to 72% occurs then one of the make-believe iPads could have 10% and still leave 18% of scraps for the others to fight over.

    While his math is okay, his prophecy is typical of these OS-challenged challengers who seem to think they need to screech nonsense like some Baghdad Bob, claiming victory while American tanks were visible rolling in the streets behind him.

    1. Actually, no. Read it again. “…and named Lenovo, Samsung, RIM and Acer as strong candidates for grabbing at least 10% each of the remaining market.”

      It says 10% EACH, not one or the other or some combination of them. 4 candidates with 10% each = 40%.

      1. “10% each of the remaining market.”

        The remaining market after Apple takes 72% is 28%. Ten percent of that 28% is 2.8%. That times four is 11.2% of the total market.

        1. DMac was right that I missed the word “each,” except that he-or-she was wrong, having missed the word “remaining,” which makes me right again, except it was for the wrong reason. Glad we cleared that up.

          In any event, Lenovo is wrong in calculating the iPad’s share to slide to 72% this year. However they are right in saying they and the others will be fighting over Apple’s leftover scraps.

          1. DMac is Dave. so … HE is correct, as the pronoun. But HE was incorrect. I too missed a word. That pesky word “remaining” failed to jump out at me. M even when you’re wrong your right. I’m MAN enough to own up to when I’m wrong though. Either way, Apple is taking the LION’s share of the market and is only going to increase its dominance.

            That’s LeTruth!

  5. I have a company issued Lenovo T410s – its about 3 months old. Huge cracks in the palm rest of the keyboard. I talk to fellow co-workers whom have received the same unit to find they have same issues. The thing is a piece – so much for good engineering. Think again because these are not real thinkpads anymore.

  6. I just check out the Lenovo web site in Chinese. That is really an amazing piece of hardware offering exactly what Chinese users need. They need an entertainment device which can use all those free (maybe pirated) multimedia resources only available from within China. Also, compatibility with all those localized internet utilities such as QQ. Also, that memory card slot is also a killer. Honestly, that new LePad better meet Chinese users’ requirements. Truly honestly, as I’m also a Chinese user. (BTW, I’m an Apple fan for over a decade, and I just bought a new top-end MBP. But the above is really a very objective opinion.)

  7. If it’s anything like my new company issued 2011 core i7 X201 notebook with old school TFT screen with 18 degree viewing angle, analog VGA port and built in analog telephone line modem, it wouldn’t be passable as a Newton killer let alone an iPad.

    Lenovo makes products for nostalgic salesmen.

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