Loss of faith in RIM deepens as tiny-screened ‘PlayBook’ tweener debut nears

“Research In Motion is facing skeptical investors unsure the BlackBerry maker can pull off a difficult transition as it promises strong growth based on a tablet and operating system few have seen,” Alastair Sharp reports for Reuters.

MacDailyNews Take: Reality finally begins setting in.

Sharp continues, “Shares of the Canadian company opened more than 10 percent lower on Friday, the morning after it warned of weak profit and revenues in the short term as it ramps up for next month’s launch of the long-anticipated PlayBook tablet. RIM has spent heavily developing and marketing the device, designed to snatch some glory away from Apple’s iPad, which virtually invented the now-crowded tablet market.”

MacDailyNews Take: RIM’s PlayBook is tremendously overpriced, with storage sizes priced similarly to Apple’s iPad, but the thing saddles misguided customers with a cheap-looking screen that’s only 45% as large as iPad’s.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Corporate executives, if you find that your IT doofuses are pushing RIM PlayBooks on you, it’s time to get some new IT people.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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  1. The “now-crowded tablet market.” What? Is there some other “tablet” taking up the shelf at BestBuy, Target, Walmart, … Has anyone ever seen IN THE REAL WORLD one of these iPad Killers that has “snatch some glory away from Apple’s iPad”?

    This is like the mythical Zoon. To this day, I never seen anyone on the street with one of those Microsoft tragedies! (Is there a land fill that they dumped that crap in or were they returned to a warehouse somewhere in an undisclosed location?)

    1. I knew a guy who had a Zune, and a brown one to boot. He was one of those die-hard, stockholm syndrome, Apple haters. But when people asked him why he chose a Zune, he blamed it on hating iTunes (the application itself, not the store).

      1. You know people always hate on the brown zune (I’ve never had a zune and would rather die first) but I always liked the color, it was a sort of gelatinous brown, slightly translucent wasn’t it? I always thought it looked cool and it also made me think of chocolate….which I’m told was my first word….so…

      2. the only zune I have ever seen was one my co-worker brought in to play music at the store…she has superb taste in music. Anyway I didn’t go all “fanboy” on her cause I am a gentle relaxed inquisitive type–and to be perfectly honest after doing graphic design in the 90’s I rather liked the zune presentation. so finally I asked as I was looking at the rather not chocolate and definitely not raspberry colored zune, “so when did you get this?” “oh my dad gave it to me. He had found it in a snowbank in idaho and thought itd be cool for me.”

        I make this up not!!!!

    2. Every time I travel, I see several iPads and Kindles. I’ve never seen a Galaxy Tab or any other Android tablet in the wild. I’m starting to think the competition has been buying up all of their own products. Maybe they should start handing them out for free. 🙂

    3. One reason people don’t want to be seen dead with one of these iPad wannabes is that you are immediatety tagged a cheapo – someone who plumped for a C-grade tablet because he/she was too stingy/poor/uninformed to get the real thing! 😉

    1. I can’t remember the name. Well whatever car it was that hit the market and then was forgotten about and cancelled a few weeks later…I can’t even remember what year it came out…yeah but anyways that’s definitely the one!

      1. @Dish

        This reminds me of a scene in Beavis & Butt-head when one of them was trying to describe a particular actor to the other. It went something like this:

        “You know, that guy in that move. You know, the one with the shirt.”

        Good times.

  2. It is not known if Playbook’s TI’s OMAP SoC has vector FPU like A5 has (and Tegra-2 does not), but it is known that it has SGX540 graphic co-processor, which is times slower than A5’s SGX543MP2.

  3. I love this nonsense…

    …Apple’s iPad, which virtually invented the now-crowded tablet market.”

    Who are they kidding? How can anyone not notice Microsoft’s brilliant tablet innovations that electrified CES shows for the past decade? Year after year Microsoft dazzles grateful consumers revolutionary tablets while copycat MAC struggles to keep up.

    Why does MAC think piling some iteration of a 30-year old Unix operating system on a stylus-challenged piece of glass will amount to anything? What MAC is clearly missing is a software strategy to tie the ecosystem together. The reality is what MAC needs now more than ever is to license Windows for tablets or fall further behind.

        1. Exactly. ZT is like our idiot brother – he talks stupid, but we love him anyhow.

          Although, ZT missed a fact – Unix is over 40 years old. So instead of being twice as old as ZT, its closer to 3x older.

    1. heya ZT; everyone DID ignore 10 years of Microsoft Tablets, which is WHY Apple had to invent the market! The Tablet was just another number in Microsoft’s ever growing line of Fails.

  4. Dear RIM,
    I feel bad for you, so here is a tip. When you go to shoot ad photos of someone holding the playbook make sure you only hire child models so that the playbook will appear large in their tiny hands. Otherwise people may realize your tablet, that is only a little bigger than a phone, is actually more like a message pad. Oh and fight the urge to make the entire screen clickable. Don’t do it. Don’t.

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