Apple CEO Steve Jobs re-elected to Disney’s Board of Directors

“Walt Disney Co. investors re- elected Apple Inc. Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs to the board of the entertainment company, rejecting the views of proxy advisers who say health issues may impair his ability to serve,” Ronald Grover reports for Bloomberg.

“Jobs, 56, was re-elected with 12 other nominees at the shareholder meeting today in Salt Lake City, with 74 percent of the votes cast backing the group, according to a preliminary count,” Grover reports. “The Apple executive, absent from the meeting, owns 7.3 percent of Disney and is the largest shareholder.”

Grover reports, “The advisory group Glass Lewis & Co. recommended investors withhold support for Jobs, citing his absence from meetings… ‘The Walt Disney Company considers itself fortunate to have Steve Jobs as a member of its board of directors,’ the Burbank, California-based company said today in an e-mailed statement.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Make that, the bad advisory group.

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  1. Let’s see, Jobs…

    Disney’s largest individual shareholder.

    Sold Disney one of the most successful studios of all time.

    Is CEO of the company that has put more Disney content into the pockets of paying customers than any other company ever

    Yeah, I’d say he is a worthwhile board member.

  2. This is just the unions, trying to increase their power to control and blackmail business using their block voting and the (supposed) knowing consent of their members. They will not be content until they control everything and everyone.

    Another reason that the American people are getting tired of the unions, which no longer are good for the people, but now are bad for their members, jobs, business, the economy and the country.

    1. I totally agree. Union thugs are a cancer in our economy. It’s time we used the RICO statutes to bust the unions and send their corrupt bosses to prison. Preferably Guantanamo.

    2. Yes yes that must be it.

      It has nothing to do with them being a major shareholder and questioning if a member of the board who is barely present should stay on the board.

      Heaven forbid they actually do their job and look out after the interests of those they represent!

  3. The acquisition of Pixar was about the only good decision made by Disney in the past decade. He’s even offered pointers on how to redesign your obnoxious retail stores.

    Why don’t you busy yourself making the next “Little Mermaid” and kick Glass Lewis & Co. to the curb? To recommend dropping Jobs is borderline retarded.

    1. “The acquisition of Pixar was about the only good decision made by Disney in the past decade. He’s even offered pointers on how to redesign your obnoxious retail stores. ”

      Kicking out Eisner wasn’t a bad move either…

  4. I have an animation studio that has been churning out bollocks CGI for the last decade in me too imitation of Pixar (and my asshole animators thinks everyone has the same mannerisms, and STILL can’t get shoulders right) hey, Steve come and be a board member at dreamworks

  5. Let’s get rid of Steve and keep AMC soap…. sounds like a winner to me !!!! If AMC is canceled will no longer watch ABC or Disney so hope they enjoy the good times, seems like alot of people plan to no longer watch the channels either if AMC goes…..

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