Adobe inflicts Flash 10.2 beta; Android phone ‘chokes’ on test video

“Adobe as promised is launching its Flash 10.2 beta for Android devices on Friday,” Electronista reports.

“Adobe has partly quelled doubts about the leaked build of 10.2 by seeding a more complete version of the beta to Engadget. Its testing produced mixed results,” Electronista reports. “A Xoom could play 480p video smoothly, but it couldn’t play 720p; a single-core Droid 2 also still choked on 480p even though it was an improvement.”

Elecronista reports, “The beta is launching mostly to help Motorola match its marketing efforts by giving the Xoom the Flash support Motorola has been marketing heavily and trying to use as an edge over the iPad 2.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Antiquated garbage; can’t wait to see what it does to battery life. Why doesn’t Motorola add a floppy drive to their DOA fake iPad, too?

In the market for a “tablet?” See those lines? Get on the back of one and pray that you get lucky.

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  1. OOOHHH! Motorola! What a great advantage lol! Adobe really needs to get off of it’s high horse and stick to conversions to HTML 5.

    Where are ya macassarus? Whatcha think? lol! FLASH IS DEAD BUDDY!

    1. Since macassarus won’t come out of his cave, it’s time to iCal this Adobe apologist by spotlighting his wonderful comments he has shared with us on Adobe in the past:

      macassarus statements for the MDN article “Adobe Flash hit with new ‘critical’ zero-day attack; iOS users unaffected:

      “You’re a doofus!”

      “Your client blocks Flash because they do not want their employees playing during the day. It has nothing to do with bandwidth. If you believe it’s bandwidth, your client needs to get a different consultant.”

      “Your correct logic is lost on this crowd. The same can be said for Browser crashes. When I get them, it is never due to Flash. It is always due to poor programming in javascript attempting to download a file or handling a login. But, logic on this forum is lost.”

      “I’m not sure what you guys are arguing about. This is just a Flash bash without any facts. When someone says Flash is a memory or bandwidth hog…compared to what? Quicktime? RealPlayer? What? Certainly, Flash uses more bandwidth than a static image or non-animated option. If you want animation without bandwidth use, what is the option? Seriously. I gather most of this group does not want animation or they want control over the animation. Not wanting animation is certainly in the very small minority of internet users. Also, given the choice, I would bet the vast majority of iOS users would opt for Flash until something else more attractive came out. Right now, it is Flash or nothing. This group opts for nothing. No argument from me. But, I prefer the animation and would like my iPhone much more if it had it. I would have bought an iPad last Friday if it had it.”

      … and from the article “Firefox VP: Adobe Flash is dooomed”:

      “I love these grand statements about the demise of a major, free-to-user software necessity like Flash. While I would agree that Flash will likely be obsolete SOMEDAY, so will just about any other thing you can think of including Apple. Nothing lasts forever. So, the question becomes: WHEN? HTML5 is still in beta!! The statement “HTML5 will be the future of multimedia content, as more developers begin migrating to the platform” is fairly lame. If HTML5 is not even an approved standard after 7 years in development, how long do you think it will take to eclipse Flash in use? Simple answer: No Time Soon.

      To say that Flash is the number one cause for browser crashes is absolutely STUPID!! Flash is everywhere on the net. I doubt the average user could surf the net for 5 minutes without coming across Flash. It’s like saying the #1 cause of road accidents is the driver. WIth that said, due to my job, I am personally online at least 60 hours a week visiting a wide variety of websites and have never had Flash cause my computer to crash. NEVER. I have had SKYPE, iChat, iMove, Excel, Word, NeoOffice, Messenger, handbrake and many other non-web programs crash my computer. I have had websites freeze up when I have tried to use a login (javascript??). But, never, to my knowledge, due to Flash. So, until there is a viable alternative to Flash that is embraced by all browsers old and new, Flash will dominate. Given the track record for updating browsers, I would say “no time soon”.”

      “steve516, thank. But, I do not have an issue with Flash. Exit blockers and popups, yes. They are annoying. But, not Flash. But, I think you have done the right thing for you. I just do not get the Flash bash. I don’t like shaving. So, I sopped and grew a beard. Don’t like Flash? Turn it off (as you have wisely done). From my perspective, it has nothing to do with Adobe or Flash.”

      “There are plenty of options for you, if you don’t like Flash. Several are advertised…err…I mean promoted…I mean mentioned here. But, just because you don’t like Flash doesn’t mean the majority of the world doesn’t. It doesn’t make Flash “bad” simply because you don’t like it.”


      Rolling like a steamroller….7 years in the making. Dude, you are in a dream. I just visited this site:

      Firefox (3.6.15) scored 155 out of 400 points.
      Safari 5.0.4 scored 228 out of 400 point.
      Safari (iphone) score 206 out of 400 point.

      If you think that is a steamroller after 7 years in development. Well, steamrollers are SLOW but sure. HTML5 is not ready for prime time…it is still in beta. Until it is approved and is totally supported by more than 50% of the browsers in use by the masses, Flash will be the defacto standard. How long this will take is a guess. But, zero risk is one year. I would say more like 2+ years.

      You can argue with me if you want and tell me I lack a deep understanding. I’ve done what I can to educate you and anyone else out there that thinks Flash is going away anytime soon. For Apple to pull the plug on a technology that is so omnipresent on the web without a reliable replacement and then push HTML5 as the answer is a bit non-consumer oriented. I love the iPad and will be getting one in the net 2 weeks. But, the lack of Flash is a drawback for me and not an advantage. I would be happy to give up a couple of hours of battery time to have Flash. Call it what you will. I can only speak for myself.”

      “You would be correct if you weren’t wrong. I have addresses a number of issues. But, yes, my personal experience is what I go by. No crashes from Flash. But, what I am really saying is: 1) Flash is not going away anytime soon; 2) If it does not work for you stop using it. There are several people who have stopped and they report they are happier. No problem.; 3) HTML5 is NOT ready for prime time. It IS in beta and IS NOT capable of operating on the majority of browsers AT THIS TIME. Until it is, Flash will be the de facto standard; 4) despite the wear and tear on mobiles, it is my opinion that Flash provides a positive selling advantage. Playing DVD’s on laptops also drains batteries. But, I routinely see them in use. If there is a single marketing drawback to the iPhone and iPad, it is the lack of Flash capability. Yes, my opinion. and 4) if you run an online business and think you can switch from Flash to HTML5 today, please do. I beg you. What I am NOT saying is that Flash is superior to HTML5. We use both and present the appropriate content to the visitor based on their equipment and connection speed. Is it a pain in the @$$. Yes.”


      Flash may be a plugin. But, did you now it is in use on 99% of internet enabled PC’s? Javascript – launched in 1996 – is enabled on about 95%. So, despite the fact that a user has to take an extra step to use it, 99% of internet users take the step. Interesting. Does that mean that the number of people who have disabled Flash are in the 1%?

      There are some who say the majority of crashes on their computers occur because of Flash. How do you now? Could it be an equipment or software incompatibility issue? Some other plugin? Out of date versions? How often does your browser crash…daily, weekly, monthly? If you have an issue with your browser on a regular basis, it is not a Flash issue. It’s the porn site you are visiting or some other incompatibility or you. Seriously, you need to look elsewhere for a solution. You will be happier. I have not had a single Flash related browser crash in well over a year. If you think that is a lie, no one can help you.”

      “@ opsono – you and another 2% of the web traffic. Better idea. Why not go back in time when computer screens were monochrome and the only option for screen output was text. Man, a 300 baud modem was the cats meow. Blazing!!”


      Agreed. Consumer choice is the best approach. WTF. I love Apple and my company runs on Macs. Does that make them the all-knowing, all-seeing Oz? Heck no. They make great equipment and great software. But, that does not mean every decision they make is the right one for the consumer. Not supporting Flash development on mobiles when Flash is everywhere on the web is not in the consumer’s or e-retailers best interest. It works for Apple.

      By the way, I do not like automatic transmissions on cars. Every major problem I have ever had with a car is because of automatic transmissions. I hate driving on the same highway as people who have it and I think anyone who supports automatic transmissions is an idiot. I am going to start a campaign to eliminate them. Care to sign up?”

      END OF iCAL.

      So my question to you macassaurus is: Might I recommend you a Xoom?

        1. So having correct grammar and spelling aren’t worth your time? Awesome attitude! Did you learn that in school, or did you think that was a waste of time too? It’s sad when people PREFER to do things half-assed.

        2. Except for a few trolls who post here, you’re putting out a lot of content for essentially a “duh” from the choir. Seems like a time waste to me. Just sayin’.

      1. Flash wasn’t designed for web content.

        It’s an animation tool that was based on macromedia director – which was a pro level animation tool.

        To me web standards should be determined by the fact you shouldn’t have to download a plugin to access content.

        Flash may be installed and used on 90% of pcs – BUT it will never be a web standard as it’s not built for the web.

        HTML 5 is the next web standard and as soon as it is flash is dead.

  2. GREAT, this is huge news for Xoom so happy FINALLY rich internet content on my device with flash games and videos..this is so —-uhhh hold on, wait

    my xoom is heating up ALOT
    everything is now frozen
    damn, battery just drained

    Adobe living by motto: “yeah uhhh where working on it”

  3. It doesn’t even bother me anymore when I go to a site that says I need to install Flash. I figure there’s something else more worth my time and I simply go to another website.

    If they can just get ESPN 3 on iOS devices…

  4. > a single-core Droid 2 also still choked on 480p even though it was an improvement.

    That’s SO funny… If choking is an “improvement,” what did it do before, cause the ‘droid to explode?

    At least Flash 10.2 (non-beta) is actually a noticeable improvement on Macs. I’ve been getting much fewer Flash crashes in Safari.

  5. Oh sure. It will run Flash. But does it have RCA Phono jack outputs? How about an RS-232 port. Seriously, people, what kind of modern device won’t accept a Zip cartridge? Have we even considered the presence of transfats and high fructose corn sugar in the the construction? Have we?

      1. man you guys can all suck it.

        my phone came with a Jaz Drive! nothing like swapping 2 gig portable HD drives that weigh more than my phone.. YAY baby…I also have a modem jack and IEEE1284 Compatible Bi-directional port…take that iPhone!

  6. from technologizer:

    –I watched Best of Show on Amazon Video on Demand in hopes of performing an informal battery test. It drained the battery from 44% full to 15% full in one hour and 20 minutes. But during that time, the audio got out of sync, and then the picture froze–and I couldn’t get Flash to work properly again without rebooting the Xoom. At that point, I gave up with the battery test.

  7. Is it that hard to understand that flash issues are fixed already. The fix is called html5. Why do they keep wasting time on money to create something already there?

    1. Licensing fees…

      They’ve got to maintain their revenue stream from licensing fees. Otherwise the Macromedia acquisition was a loss.

      Adobe seems to be very lost these days. Everything they do is directed at maintaining their revenue streams rather than improving performance and functionality. Another once-great company with no vision at all.

  8. Isn’t is wonderful how iOS 4.2.1 was available on iPhone 3G and because it slowed it down terribly and Apple engineers were not able to come up with a fix, they pulled it from those users? Lovely! Talk about issues! Apple just gave up on several customers and said “screw it… just upgrade your phone… we have your money already… we don’t need to support you no longer…” Go Apple Go!

    I love Fragmentation on iOS! Keep it coming Apple… all the Apple Fanboys now have one less thing to complain about Android lol 🙂

    1. yeah it’s too bad but you know how old iPhone 3G is?

      some 6 month or less droid phones can’t be upgraded.
      Only about 1.7% of Android phones are upgraded to Android 2.3 . Android 2.4 has already been announced.
      Viewsonic is releasing a tablet with android 1.6…

  9. If the other tablet/phone makers had the ball*s to stand with Apple Flash would be gone, devices would have better battery life, fewer crashes or security issues.

    But the other guys don’t have the guts to push technology forward – they are worried they’ll lose even one sale (that shows what propels them the most – not innovation, not better products – but just $), If you don’t take risks you never move forward. That’s why the other guys never lead. If not for apple wintards would still be using floppy disks, command line Dos and no mouse.

    1. Flash is a lifeline that Android phone builders are clinging to. Android has just two unique sales propositions that it can offer in challenge to iOS.
      1. It is a less restrictive programming environment. Of little importance to the cast majority of potential buyers.
      2. It supposedly run Flash. Regardless of Apple’s stance, running Flash is an attractive feature for consumer’s, and the ONLY potential advantage that Android phone builders can use to leverage sale away from iPhone.

      This is why they got to keep up this charade that Flash for Android “is just around the corner.”

  10. so what’s wrong with the fact, that if you would like to have flash on your mobile device, you can have it?
    and why always flash is a big topic for apple fans? maybe because you don’t have the ability at all to use flash on your devices!? so i don’t jugde you, if this is the point.. poor poor apple users!

    hmm… there is a species which is doing everyting (and whitout thinking your own) what their boss is doing. LEMMINGS!

    1. Lmao! I love reading simple-minded comments like this. Thanks for the entertaining (like a train wreck) comment. Please feel free to post more emotion-driven, illogical drivel for my amusement.

  11. “… giving the Xoom the Flash support Motorola has been marketing heavily and trying to use as an edge over the iPad 2.”


    The iPad Advantage: No Flash Allowed

    1. BTW: I am not a Flash genocide fanatic. I’ve been encouraging Adobe to FIX Flash for years now. It is not Apple’s fault or any user’s fault that Adobe only responds with hyperbole, arrogance and further iterations of crapware.

      1. That was my impression about Apple’s position too. If Flash performed on Macs and mobiles as intended, rather than as the resource hog it is, then Apple would have to reexamine its current position. But the fixes have to go in first.

        Kind of funny how Adobe spent the past few years complaining that a product that didn’t exist until this year (full Flash on mobiles) wasn’t running on the iPhone.

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