Apple: iPad 2 demand is ‘amazing’

“Apple on Monday said demand for the iPad 2 during its first weekend on sale was ‘amazing,'” Jim Dalrymple reports for The Loop.

“‘Demand for the next generation iPad 2 has been amazing,’ Apple spokesperson Trudy Muller, told The Loop. ‘We are working hard to get iPad 2 into the hands of every customer who wants one as quickly as possible.’ Apple would not say exactly how many iPad 2s were sold over the weekend,” Dalrymple reports.

Dalrymple reports, “The iPad 2 went on sale at 5:00 pm local time on Friday and by the end of the weekend, there wasn’t an iPad 2 to be found anywhere in the country.”

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[Attribution: Electronista. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Arline M.” for the heads up.]


    1. I know i almost was able to wait it out…
      I know others that did.

      Also it’s all those people that said “the iPad is neat, but $500? i’ll wait.” then bought a $200 Android tablet, and are now buying the Real Deal.

  1. The supply equation is a delicate ballet of merging parts from various subcontractors into the main assembly hall in Shenzhen where the whole lot is put together, largely on automated lines. 

    A shortage of critical parts will crimp manufacturing so how will Apple’s subcontractors cope with loss of supply of key components like Li-ion batteries and IPS screens from Toshiba, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp and the like. 

    Supply constraints are likely to apply in the near term making timely deliveries to Apple stores and those who ordered online stretched. Expect huge backlogs that will impact on pushing back the international launch day.

  2. I have experienced first hand that some re-sellers are only getting 5 X 16gb wi-fi . . . not a typo, five. A little suspect if you ask me.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love apple . . . but the reason behind this ‘amazing demand’ seems pretty obvious.

    1. That’s right, dom. Apple must be doing everything possible to avoid fulfilling the huge demand in order to stimulate even more demand.

      I’m sorry, but that makes no sense at all. In the absence of other factors (e.g., Xoom release), Apple might have waited another week or two to build up additional inventory for the iPad 2 launch. But I cannot accept that there is anything “suspect” behind limited iPad 2 shipments to such a broad array of resellers. On top of everything else, the iPad 2 has three base configurations (Wi-Fi only, AT&T 3G, and Verizon 3G) on top of the three memory configurations.

      There is nothing suspect, just unprecedented consumer demand for a high-end electronics product.

      1. kingmel –

        Yes, perhaps I should not have been so general. No matter the supply there is going to be demand for a product like this, agreed.

        I guess I was just surprised to see so few at some resellers, with zero variety in configuration. I look at this and think to myself –
        1. This product is a slam dunk.
        2. Apple knows it is going to be a slam dunk.
        3. It’s been in the works for a long time.
        4. Why don’t they have a larger initial offering?

        Anyway, that is just my simple way of thinking. I am sure the answers to those questions are varied and complicated.

        Have a good one.

      2. Kingmei
        Exactly. Why are all these idiots that seem to think Apple is as unprincipled as the idiots seem to be. Apple is a for profit company. It would be foolish of them to withhold sales thinking that would increase sales. Just nonsense.

          1. Yes, it has been in the works for awhile….but at the same time iPad 1 was being made. Switching from one to the other I’m sure was complicated at some level and I’m sure simultaneous production was impossible.

            Not as easy as switching to M&Ms from chocolate chips when baking cookies. A decision was made for when to halt iPad 1 production and to switch to iPad 2 production. Need to factor the lost sales from stopping 1’s and the lost sales from not having enough iPad 2’s at launch. If Apple thinks they would have lost more iPad 1 sales than iPad 2 sales, the date of changed production gets moved back until it reaches an equilibrium.

            Help? (seriously)

      3. Unprecedented demand is absolutely what this is all about.

        Had there not been lines there would be people barking, had there not been a sellout, there would be naysayers saying there wasn’t enough demand or that sales were weak…

        What is it that makes everyone look for something contradictory to say about everything that gets said these days??

        I bet there isn’t a company In the world that doesn’t envy Apple for it’s blockbuster sales and products and dedicated loyal, satisfied customers. This is a coup and a victory of epic retail proportions.

    2. Apple doesn’t necessarily allocate the products… the reseller’s purchasing department’s s buyers ORDER them on what they think they will be able to sell. The purchasing department then allocates to their stores what they think each store will sell. They have to do this in advance based on their guesstimates.

  3. This makes sense.

    I don’t know how many people I showed my iPad to over the past almost-year, said they loved it, but would wait for version 2.

    I could see Apple easily doubling sales of iPad 2 over iPad 1.

    1. More likely tripling. I predicted this sell out, longer lines and epic back orders all year long. I believe if Apple can make them, they can sell 50 million iPad 2s. Also don’t forget Black or White in addition to three storage sizes and three comm types. Total of 18 different models.

  4. Yep – just left for lunch to get one at one of the 5 locations in Minneapolis, and I left empty handed. They didn’t have one in stock. They did say, though, that they’d get a shipment in tomorrow, but no one knew how many. The original order for this store was 325. All gone within a few hours they said.

  5. Unlike certain companies that brag about their record sales, Apple will publish numbers. Not shipping but actual sales numbers. Yeah we know who you are. 😉

    1. could you be referring to Samsung’s smoooooth sales..

      If samsung’s sales are smooth, then the iPad2 is a tsunami.

      Dell’s Streak, was certainly that.. a losing streak.

  6. Seriously? Little worker elves don’t put these things together. The batteries don’t gain a full charge for shipping by magic. They’re not simplistic items to assemble. They take time and tremendous overhead to make.

    The factories are scaled to size long term demand….not 1st week demand. They can’t/don’t build a mega-factory to be able to produce the 3 million or so “needed” by first week demand and then suck it up with the next 51 weeks paying for overhead that is unneeded. That’s just assembly. Makes no mention of the 3rd party vendors making the parts of the iPad. They don’t appear out of thin air.

    Apple could have had 3 milion units in stock, fully ready to go… May. But it’s March and a lucky couple hundred thousand already have them in hand. Compare that to other tablet makers who STILL haven’t shipped.

    The most laughable argument is the “demand hype” one. A company who has thousands of people camping across the country in front of their stores don’t need to make up fake demand. If Jobs could have sold an iPad to everyone who even thought about buying one on Friday, he would have. Anything suggesting different is misinformed.

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